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MD Commissioners Agree to Abide By the Law. For Now.

Faced with contempt charges, the Carroll County Board of Commissioners has narrowly voted to abide by a preliminary injunction forbidding them to offer a sectarian prayer before their meetings (which basically means they can’t say “Jesus” in them). Read more

Louisiana Wants KJV Bible the Official State Book

The Christian right never, ever tires of finding as many ways as possible to get their religious views officially endorsed by the government and here’s another perfect example. The Louisiana legislature wants to pass a law making the King James Version of the Bible the official state book. The FFRF is rightly condemning that action: Read more

AHA Files Suit to Allow Humanist Groups in Prison

Many religious organizations are very active in prison and inmates are allowed to form prayer groups, Bible and Quran studies and the like, but humanism is not recognized for those purposes in federal prisons. The American Humanist Association has filed a lawsuit to change that. Read more

MN Law Would Recognize Secular Celebrants

A new bill has been introduced in the Minnesota state legislature that would allow secular celebrants to officiate weddings and sign marriage certificates, which would be a bit step forward for diminishing religious privilege and advancing equal rights for the non-religious. Read more

Christian Fliers Distributed in Dearborn

Dearborn is a predominantly Muslim city outside Detroit and some parents there are upset that a local church was allowed to distribute a flier for an Easter celebration for kids, calling it a violation of the separation of church and state. Read more