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Sep 09 2013

Bishop Cries Persecution to Moonie Times

The Washington Moonie Times has an interview with Illinois Bishop Thomas Paprocki, who recently declared that voting for Democrats could doom a Catholic to hell. He struck the familiar martyr pose and blathered about how terribly persecuted Christians are in America.

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Sep 07 2013

What Pope Francis Really Thinks About Atheists

I’ve been generally impressed with the new pope, or as impressed as I ever imagined I would be of any pope. I’ve liked the new tone he’s brought to the church and I certainly see him as more of a reformer than the regressive, authoritarian pope he replaced. But as Sara Lin Wilde explains, his …

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Aug 29 2013

Major Defector on Marriage Equality

Joseph Bottums, a conservative Catholic who helped draft the Manhattan Declaration, has defected on the issue of marriage equality in an essay in Commonweal magazine. In that essay, he makes a “Catholic case for same-sex marriage,” but it seems to be more of a pragmatic case than a principled one:

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Aug 21 2013

The Entirely Non-Startling Conversion of a Darwin Descendant

The National Catholic Register bizarrely thinks it’s “startling news” that one of the great-great-great-granddaughters of Charles Darwin is now a Catholic. I can’t really imagine why they would think it the least bit startling, unless they believe that religious belief is passed down in one’s genes.

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Jul 19 2013

Catholic Church Granting Twitter Indulgences?

The Guardian is reporting that the Catholic Church is now granting indulgences — that is, time off their stay in purgatory should they go there — to those who follow the pope’s Twitter account. This seems almost too weird, even for the Catholic Church.

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Jul 08 2013

The Sanal Edamaruku Saga Continues

Hemant links to an article in Open magazine about Sanal Edamaruku, the Indian skeptic who has been exiled from his own country to avoid facing criminal charges for debunking a fake Catholic “miracle” shrine of an allegedly weeping Jesus (turns out it was a leaking water line). It’s easy to forget about people like this …

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Jun 04 2013

Venezuela Looks for Blood of Christ Substitute

What happens when there’s a shortage of wine in a predominately Catholic nation, wine that they pretend to magically turn into the blood of Christ in an odd bit of faux-cannibalism? They look for a substitute blood of Christ, of course, since their savior seems to have gone out of water to wine conversion business …

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May 25 2013

Agreeing With the Pope

I am a longstanding and loud critic of the Catholic Church, but I’m seeing signs in the new pope that I think are positive. He’s not ever going to be what I want him to be, of course, but he’s saying and doing things that may move the church in very small increments in the …

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May 16 2013

Bishop: No Freedom to ‘Dismiss or Disrespect’ Religious Beliefs

There’s a bit of a controversy going on at Carnegie Mellon University, where two art students are being charged with misdemeanors for indecent exposure for going to an on-campus parade partly naked. Here’s how the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette describes the incident:

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May 10 2013

Ugandan Priest Suspended for Revealing Child Abuse

For those who thought maybe the Catholic Church had finally managed to put its problems with priestly child abuse behind it, think again. They’ve now suspended a Ugandan priest who revealed a couple months ago that the African church has the same problem with pedophilia as the American and European churches do.

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May 09 2013

Archbishop Makes Terrible Anti-Equality Argument

Salvatore Cordileone, the archbishop of San Francisco, is beside himself over the state of Rhode Island becoming the 10th state to legalize same-sex marriage. And he’s offering a transparently ridiculous argument in opposition to it. This is just staggeringly stupid and hypocritical:

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May 07 2013

Catholic Coverup of Child Abuse Continues

To listen to the apologists for the Catholic Church, the problem of pedophile priests and the church’s actions in covering up their crimes by moving them from parish to parish is an artifact of the distant past. Not so. The archbishop of Newark is apparently still doing it.

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May 02 2013

JP 2 on Fast Track to Sainthood

The Catholic Church is fast tracking the canonization of Pope John Paul II, which could happen as early as later this year — a record time for the church to invent a bunch of nonsense about miracles. A council of doctors, none of them non-Catholic of course, has validated a second “miracle.”

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Apr 22 2013

Students Rally for Fired Catholic School Teacher

You may have heard by now that a Catholic school in Ohio fired a longtime teacher at the school because she’s lesbian. And the only reason they even found out about it was because she listed her partner in her mother’s obituary. That led a parent to inform the school and demand that she be …

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Apr 12 2013

Porn in the Vatican

TorrentFreak did a little research and found that there’s at least one person in the Vatican who likes to download porn. Using a program to track the downloading of torrent files, the site found that someone has a taste for transgender porn.

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