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Catholic Church Protects Another (Alleged) Pedophile

Polish Archbishop Josef Wesolowski is under investigation both in Poland and the Dominican Republic for raping children but the Vatican refuses to allow him to be extradited to either country because, they say, he has diplomatic immunity since he was in the Dominican Republican as a Papal Nuncio, not as a priest. Read more

Are Catholics Taught Not to Have Oral Sex?

In doing some research for the chapter I’m writing for John Loftus’ forthcoming anthology about the negative influence of the Christian right in America, I came across this essay by Bill Maguire, who holds a Masters in Theological Studies from the Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family, in the Catholic World Report. This part jumped out at me: Read more

No, Catholic Judges Should Not Recuse Themselves From Contraception Cases

Ron Lindsay, CEO of the Center for Inquiry and also an attorney, has a blog post at the CFI website asking “Should Catholic Judges Recuse Themselves from the Contraceptive Mandate Cases?” The answer is no. And frankly, he doesn’t make much of an attempt to argue for a negative answer. He seems mostly concerned with whether the RCC will consider them “good Catholics” if they don’t vote a certain way in such cases. Read more

This is How You Know They’ve Lost

This story, more than almost anything else, should convince the anti-gay bigots that they have lost the battle over equality. A Catholic school in Seattle fired a popular assistant principal when they found out he’s gay and hundreds of students from several Catholic schools in the city staged a huge protest. It may not get him his job back, but it’s pretty much the final nail in the coffin of bigotry. It’s all over but the shouting now. They can’t even keep the private religious school students on the reservation. They lost. And that’s a very good thing.

Matt Wykoff, Round 3

My favorite Catholic wingnut, Matt Wykoff, is once again sending me unsolicited emails that are stuff to the brim with the bizarre and the deranged. This may be my favorite claim of all: That the Shroud of Turin is authentic and that “there was no entropy during the formation of the image.” I have no idea what that could possibly mean. He doesn’t either, of course. Here’s the first screed: Read more