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Those Serious Defense Spending Cuts

The media is breathlessly reporting on Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel’s newly announced Pentagon budget proposal, which — OMG! — reduces the number of troops to the lowest number since before WW2! These are very deep, major cuts in spending, you guys. Except, of course, they aren’t. From Hagel’s speech announcing the “cuts.” Read more

Hatch Loves the CBO. Unless He Doesn’t.

Sahil Kapur reports at Talking Points Memo about Sen. Orrin Hatch’s absurdly dishonest and incoherent position on the CBO’s report on Obamacare and the economy. First, he repeated the lie that the report says that Obamacare would destroy two million jobs: Read more

The GOP’s Sudden, Inconsistent Concern for Jobless

After the release of a CBO report last week about the economy and Obamacare, the Republican party immediately and predictably began distorting one of its findings, despite the fact that the report went out of its way to preempt that distortion in the text. Read more

New CBO Report Builds Case for Obamacare

A new Congressional Budget Office report that forecasts budgetary and economic conditions for 2014 provides ammunition for supporters of the Affordable Care Act on a couple of fronts. The first is that the “risk corridors” in the law will save the federal government billions of dollars: Read more

Joe Miller: Welfare King

Joe Miller, the Tea Party extremist who ran unsuccessfully for the Senate from Alaska and is now doing it again, told the Tea Party Express in an interview that welfare programs are a “scam” that do nothing but create dependency and destroy economic opportunities: Read more