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Obama Continues the Christian Right Gravy Train

Andy Kopsa, a terrific investigative reporter who briefly worked with my former employer, the American Independent News Network, has a long piece in the Nation about how the Obama administration has continued funneling huge amounts of money to Christian right organizations under the faith-based partnership programs, funds they use to proselytize and spread false medical information. Read more

Another Failure of Supply Side Economics

Supply-side (or trickle-down) economics, the only economic plan the Republicans have had for the last four decades, claims that if you lower taxes you’ll boost the economy so much that it will boost tax receipts enough to make up for the lost revenue. That has never been true and here’s yet another example of it in Kansas, where reality has shown the exact opposite of what Republicans predicted. Read more

Not So Fast on the Accommodation Workaround

The day after the Supreme Court ruling in the Hobby Lobby case, I wrote that the administration should be able to essentially moot the decision by extending the accommodation given to religious non-profits to for-profit companies as well. Turns out it isn’t quite that easy. Read more

No Tax Breaks for Ark Park?

Answers in Genesis famously was given $43 million in tax breaks by the state of Kentucky a few years ago, but according to a local news site in that state those breaks have expired and they have had to reapply for them with a dramatically scaled-down project. Read more

Bill Submitted to Broaden Parsonage Allowance

The Freedom From Religion Foundation won a district court case (now on appeal) challenging the tax break for parsonage allowances for ministers. The judge ruled that because it applies only to ministers and not to other non-profit leaders, it violates the Equal Protection and Establishment clauses. A legislator has now proposed a bill to broaden that exemption to avoid the violation. Read more