OMG! Obama Met With Civil Rights Leaders About Ferguson

Jim Hoft, the dumbest man on the internet and possibly the most dishonest too, is outraged — OUTRAGED! — that President Obama “met with Ferguson activists” at the White House. And of course it’s a conspiracy, a “secret” meeting that was “hidden” by the media. He puts up this picture:
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Senator Shares Fake George Washington Quote

And here we go again, yet another conservative sharing a fake quote from one of the founding fathers. Only this time it’s a Republican Senator, Chuck Grassley:

If u love America u hv to appreciate GeoWashington He once averred that”It is impossible to rightly govern the world w/o God and the Bible”.

Apparently loving America requires that you appreciate invented quotations.

Christian Right Groups Can’t Decide Who’s Naughty or Nice

The American Family Association and Liberty Counsel both put out lists of which companies are “naughty or nice” (AFA) or “friend or foe” (Liberty Counsel) about the entirely mythical “war on Christmas.” But as Hemant reports, they can’t seem to agree on which companies should be praised and which should be boycotted. Like Best Buy. The AFA thinks they’re naughty:
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Fischer: Muslim Prayer Service ‘Desecrated’ Cathedral

The irony of all this criticism from the Christian right over the Muslim prayer service at the National Cathedral is that it’s really nothing more than an Episcopalian church (the government has no role in it), which they almost certainly don’t think is a real Christian church anyway. But here’s Bryan Fischer ranting about it:
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Bigot: America Will Revolt if SCOTUS Votes for Marriage Equality

It’s immensely amusing and satisfying to me when anti-gay bigots pretend that they’re still a massive force capable of passing a constitutional amendment. Phil Burress of Citizens for Community Values says that if the Supreme Court strikes down state laws banning same-sex marriage there will be an “uprising” and the constitution will be amended to overturn that ruling.
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Scarborough: Christians Have ‘Infiltrated’ the Texas GOP

Christian con man Rick Scarborough went on Gordon Klingenschmitt’s show and said, “Christians have infiltrated the Republican Party in Texas and it’s like going to revival meetings when you go to our state conventions.” Infiltrated? Like there was ever a time when the Texas GOP was not dominated by Christians? Delusional much?
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Fischer: God ‘Quickened the Campaigns’ of Republicans

There are few things I find more amusing than the way fundamentalist Christians use language. Only in fundie circles will you ever hear the word “fellowship” as a verb, for example (“we’re going fellowshiping!”). Bryan Fischer provides a perfect example in claiming that God “quickened the campaigns” of Republican candidates:
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Immigration: It’s Only Bad When Democrats Do It

The right wing is absolutely freaking out about Obama’s long-planned executive order that would defer deportation of some undocumented immigrants. They’re demanding that the Republicans shut down the government and impeach Obama over it, calling it treasonous and claiming that it will destroy America! But their own presidents have done identical things multiple times without a peep from Republicans.
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Palin Babbles About Billy Graham

This video is both amusing and annoying. It’s a perfect example of why Tina Fey was able to do a spot-on impersonation of Sarah Palin without actually changing her words at all. She’s self-parodying. She’s talking about Billy Graham and just babbling incoherently and endlessly. I especially like when she said that Graham had a special anointment from God to “stay out of the politics of it all.” Seriously? This is a guy who sat in the oval office with Richard Nixon talking about how those evil Jews were out to get them.
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Will Rand Paul Sue to Overturn Kentucky Law?

That Rand Paul plans to run for president in 2016 is as obvious as it could possibly be, but he has a problem. His Senate term is also up in 2016 and Kentucky law prevents him from running for two seats simultaneously. They hoped the Republicans would take control of the Kentucky legislature this year and change the law, but that didn’t happen. What to do? Sue to overturn the law.
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