TN Considers Bill to Ban Non-Existent ‘No-Go’ Zones

From the same people who brought you laws to ban the non-existent threat of Sharia law being enforced in the United States, we now have a bill by a Tennessee legislator that would ban “no-go zones” in that state. Because Tennessee is just teeming with reactionary Muslims beheading Christians, dontchaknow.
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Diaz: Gay Marriage Means the ‘Criminalization of Christianity’

Mario Diaz, the legal counsel for the Christian right group Concerned Women for America, was on the radio show of Tamara Scott, a Republican National Committee member, and said that if the Supreme Court strikes down state bans on same-sex marriage, that will mean the criminalization of Christianity.
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Idaho Republican Thinks Parents Can Kill Their Children

What the hell is it with Idaho Republicans? First we have the guy who thinks swallowed pills go to the vagina, now we’ve got another Republican state legislator literally endorsing the right of parents to murder their kids. This was said in opposition to a bill that would require parents to provide medical care to their children rather than faith healing when their life is threatened:
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Barton Even Lies About His Lies Being Vindicated

Warren Throckmorton, who really has become a very important critic of David Barton, notes that Barton is now lying about his previous lies having been shown to be true after all by two lawsuits. I’ve written before about the lawsuit that was settled over the claim that he is “known” for speaking at white supremacist rallies. The second was against a guy who said Barton is an “admitted liar.” Here’s what he has claimed about those two cases:
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The Art of the Christian Self-Aggrandizing Humblebrag

This quote from Gov. Scott Walker is a textbook example of using religion to position yourself politically:

“I’m still trying to decipher if this is God’s calling. You’ve got to be crazy to want to be president of the United States. You’ve got to be crazy. To look at what it does to a person and a family, you’ve got to be crazy. But you should only do it if you feel that God’s called you to get in there and make a difference.”

With that single statement he has told voters three things.

1. That being president is such a terrible thing that if he does decide to run, it can only be because he’s a selfless, dedicated public servant who is willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good.

2. That if he decides to run for president, that proves that God is on his side.

3. That he’s completely full of shit and will pander to the rubes as much as he possibly can.

Chicago Police Officer Tortures Detainees at Gitmo

My former AINN colleague Spencer Ackerman was on the Rachel Maddow Show with a remarkable report on how a Chicago police officer named Richard Zuley was sent to Gitmo to interrogate a detainee, using torture that was directly approved by the White House. And apparently he engaged in much the same conduct while interrogating suspects in Chicago as well.
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Former CBS Reporters Call O’Reilly a Lying Fabulist

A whole bunch of reporters and cameramen for CBS who were in Buenos Aires, Argentina when Bill O’Reilly says he bravely dragged a cameraman to safety after he was injured, which he described as covering the Falkland Islands war, have come forward to say that his version of those events is completely inaccurate.
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