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Wingnut Xenophobe: Death Too Good for Obama

Stephen Steinlight is a senior policy analyst for bigoted anti-immigration group the Center for Immigration Studies. He likes to speak to Tea Party groups. And he likes to tell them that not only should Obama be impeached, being drawn and quartered is too good for him. Read more

Akin: My Stupid Statement Was Part of ‘Spiritual Warfare’

Todd Akin is still on a tour promoting his new book and he’s still saying really, really dumb things in interviews. Now he says that his inane statement about women’s bodies having the ability to “shut down” to prevent pregnancy during rape was all part of the “intense war” on evil he was fighting. Read more

Kluwe Vindicated, Vikings Playing CYA

Former Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe, an outspoken gay rights activist, accused the Vikings’ special teams coach of saying that gay people should be killed during a meeting and he has now been entirely vindicated in that accusation. But the Vikings are playing a furious game of cover-your-ass and pretending that everything’s fine. Read more

WND Dominionist Runs for Office on ‘Freedom’ Platform

The Worldnetdaily’s Molotov Mitchell is running for the state legislature in North Carolina and his employer is pulling out the stops to promote his candidacy on their “news” site. Hilariously, and ridiculously, Mitchell says he’s running a platform of privacy and freedom. Read more

Amid Drought, CA Couple Faces Fine for Not Using Enough Water

California is in the middle of a historic drought that is straining water supplies so much that the state has now ordered mandatory restrictions on unnecessary water usage. At the same time, cities are fining people for not using enough water to keep their lawn green. Read more