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Early Bird Pricing Extended for FBB Conference

Good news! We’ve decided to extend the early bird pricing for the Humanism at Work conference until May 1, which means you can attend for $129 rather than $149. That’s about half, or less, of what many conferences cost these days. We’ve really worked to keep the cost as low as possible. Register now!

MD Commissioners Agree to Abide By the Law. For Now.

Faced with contempt charges, the Carroll County Board of Commissioners has narrowly voted to abide by a preliminary injunction forbidding them to offer a sectarian prayer before their meetings (which basically means they can’t say “Jesus” in them). Read more

Klayman Sues Blogger for Quoting Court Ruling

Remember that court ruling in Larry Klayman’s divorce/custody case that suggested that he may have touched his children inappropriately? He’s now suing cartoonist Ken Avidor for quoting that court ruling, something I have done as well. It was filed a year ago and dismissed but now Klayman has refiled it. Read more

In Kenya, Romney is President

I’ve always been amused by the fact that t-shirts and hats that are printed for sports teams that don’t win, which thus can’t be sold, are sent to poor countries around the world. Somewhere there’s a village in Cambodia that thinks the Buffalo Bills are the greatest football team ever after winning four straight super bowls. Turns out the same thing happens with losing presidential candidates: Read more

White Supremacist Arrested After Anti-Semitic Shooting Spree

For anyone who wonders why some of us keep a very close eye on the far right fringe, look no further than this story. A former KKK leader, white supremacist and longtime anti-Semite has been arrested after a shooting spree at two Jewish centers in Kansas that left three dead. Read more