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Yes, Some People Should Be Shunned

As is usually the case, Greta Christina says what I’ve either said or wanted to say much more eloquently than I could. Following up on my post about the appalling behavior of the “Amazing Atheist” and the equally appalling defenses of that behavior being offered, she makes the case for shunning. Read more

Warren Mayor Compares Atheists to Nazis, KKK

Jim Fouts, the mayor of Warren, Michigan, which is currently being sued because he refuses to allow a reason station along with a Christian prayer station at city hall, responded to that lawsuit by comparing atheists to Nazis and the KKK. Read more

Todd Akin: Totally Not Playing the Victim

Todd Akin’s comeback tour is inadvertently turning into a comedy show. On the Steve Deace show, Deace began the interview by declaring, “We’re conservatives here, so we’re not into victimology.” And literally one minute later Akin said, “There was an obvious intent on the part of left to victimize anybody which (sic) is Republican if they could on the subject.” Read more

Chrsitian Right Suddenly Opposes Discrimination

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a new Christian martyr. His name is Bob Eschliman and he was recently fired as the editor of a small Iowa newspaper after writing on his personal blog about Satan being behind the “Gaystapo” that is going to destroy…well, everything. Todd Starnes immediately got an erection and ran to his computer to publish this column. Read more

Wingnut: Warren Presidency Would Be ‘Communist Coup’

Matt Barber’s site BarbWire published a column by someone named Luke Hamilton claiming that Obama is trying to get Elizabeth Warren elected president instead of Hillary (good luck with that one) to complete the “communist coup” he allegedly has begun. Because as we all know, the hallmark of every communist coup is a booming stark market and record corporate profits. Read more