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Schlafly: Equal Pay Will Rob Women of Husbands!

Phyllis Schlafly can always be counted on to say incredibly stupid things on pretty much any issue she happens to be talking about at any given moment, especially if it keeps women as second-class citizens. Listen to this appalling argument against equal pay for women: Read more

Hagee: Blood Moons Start of End Times

Early Tuesday morning we had the first of four “blood moons” — eclipses where atmospheric conditions make the moon look blood red — and a whole bunch of Christian conservatives of the premillenial variety have been heralding it as the sign of…well, something really important. John Hagee is one of them. Read more

Trump Still Pretending He Might Run for President

Donald Trump is in the middle of yet another public plea for attention by pretending he might run for president. He went to a New Hampshire event populated by other Republican presidential wannabes like Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Mike Huckabee and talked about something he undoubtedly knows all about: Read more

Swanson: Gay People are Like Axe Murderers and Cannibals

The thoroughly unhinged Kevin Swanson is quite upset with Nabisco for using a same-sex couple in one of their commercials. And in the course of his usual idiotic screed he compares gay people to both axe murderers and cannibals. Oh, and Nabisco will suffer for their insolence. Read more

Beck’s Bizarre View on the Nevada Standoff

Over the weekend, Glenn Beck wrote an open letter about the standoff in Nevada. On the plus side, he is firmly against the far-right gun nuts flocking there to take on the evil gummint. On the minus side…wow, is it a weird, incoherent diatribe. Seriously, see if you can make any sense at all out of this. Read more