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Barber’s Site Features Christian Reconstructionist

Is there any limit to how extreme Matt Barber’s new site BarbWire can get? Apparently not. They’ve got a genuine Christian Reconstructionist, Lee Duigon, writing for them now. And he thinks Christians who aren’t anti-gay enough — and to a Reconstructionist, I assume that means Christians who don’t think they should be stoned to death — are “servants of Satan.” Read more

Schlichter: Democrats Will Go Full Atheist Soon

Kurt Schlichter, whose very first credit on his bio is that he was “personally recruited to write conservative commentary by Andrew Breitbart” (not terribly impressive, I’m afraid) writes at that by 2024, the Democratic Party will be officially atheist. The column is pretty much the God’s Not Dead movie, or a Chick tract, turned into a bit of hackneyed political commentary. Read more

Why a GOP Senate Takeover Does Matter

A few weeks ago I opined that a Republican takeover of the Senate wouldn’t change much of anything because the House already stands in the way of almost anything Obama wants to do. But Jonathan Chait points out that there’s one role specific to the Senate that could be a very big deal if the Republicans take over: Read more

None Dare Call It Torture

With the Senate Intelligence Committee’s vote to declassify part of the 6000+ word report on the Bush torture regime, the media is once again reporting on the issue — and once again almost entirely refusing to call it torture. All they want to use are euphemisms: Read more

Bill Russell Sees Parallels Between Race and Sexual Orientation in Sports

I don’t have a lot of heroes but Bill Russell might qualify. He’s not only one of the greatest basketball players ever, he’s also a man who showed tremendous courage and integrity in dealing with racial backlash in Boston, at the time one of the more racist cities in the country. And he says that the battles of gay athletes today mirror his experiences: Read more