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The Disparate Racial Impact of Pollution

One of the subjects I think should get a lot more attention is environmental justice. Poor and minority populations are far more likely to be located near highly polluting facilities like energy plants and the result, a new study found, is that people of color breathe much worse air, on average, than white people do. Read more

Another Fight With Warren City Hall

A couple years ago the Freedom From Religion Foundation lost a lawsuit against the city of Warren, Michigan after being denied the right to put up an anti-religious display next to a nativity scene. Now the city is doing it again, allowing a prayer booth at city hall but refusing a local resident the right to have a booth. Read more

Obama’s Fake ‘Evolution’ on Marriage Equality

When President Obama finally finished his much ballyhooed “evolution” on same-sex marriage during the 2012 election, I pointed out that the entire thing was fake. It was pure political calculation, not some principled change in position. The author of a new book on the subject confirms that conclusion. Read more

Kansas Mayor Agrees With KKK Killer

I don’t know what the hell is going on in Marionville, Missouri, but the mayor there says the former KKK leader who shot three people at a pair of Jewish centers last weekend was a friend of his and that he agrees with his anti-Semitic views, if not his tactics. Read more

Beck Hammered for Not Supporting Violence

I wrote the other day about Glenn Beck saying that he did not support violence in the situation at Bundy Ranch in Nevada and that anyone who did support violence could not be a supporter of his. But on today’s far right, even saying that much is anathema and he is getting seriously attacked for it. Read more