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Ralph Reed’s ‘Irrefutable’ Evidence on Same-Sex Parenting

Ralph Reed went on ABC News on Sunday and, when asked about same-sex marriage, trotted out the tried and false claim that there is “irrefutable” social science research that shows that children raised by straight parents are better off than those raised by gay parents. Read more

Plouffe Plays Pretend

David Plouffe, the architect of President Obama’s two presidential campaign victories, is disputing the account in Jo Becker’s book of the president’s obviously fake “evolution” on marriage equality. Andrew Sullivan interviewed him on it, but is anyone naive enough to believe this? Read more

Military Personnel Can Officially be Humanist

In the military, each soldier is allowed to specify a religious identification on their dog tags and in official records, but their choices are limited to a list of approved designations. For a long time, one could only identify as “no religious preference” if they were an atheist or humanist, but that is finally changing. Read more

Stories From the Pathfinders

One of the things I’m most excited about for the upcoming Humanism at Work conference is talking to the Pathfinders who have been traveling the world helping people for the past year. I want to hear their stories and learn from their experiences, some of which Wendy Webber has recounted in the latest issue of The Humanist. Read more

Ugandan Catholic Bishop Calls for Anti-Gay Violence

One of Uganda’s Catholic bishops delivered an Easter homily that focused not on the resurrection of Jesus or the church’s message of hope and atonement but on the need for people of that country to commit violence against gay people in order to rid the country of homosexuality. Read more