Beck: I’m the Real Victim of Persecution!

Samuel L. Jackson recently made a video urging his fellow celebrities to speak out against racism and violence by the police. That was enough to send Glenn Beck into a fit of red-faced rage, declaring himself to be the real victim of persecution and discrimination because he’s a Christian (well, Mormon; close enough).
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Bachmann’s Self-Aggrandizing Exit from Office

Michele Bachmann is leaving Congress and the Worldnetdaily has an “exclusive” (as always, this means something so stupid no other “news” outlet would publish it) story allowing her to engage in some serious self-aggrandizing about her time in DC. She actually thinks that she beat liberals with her superior grasp of the facts.
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Meet Me in Minneapolis

I’m going to be in Minneapolis this weekend for the Minnesota Atheists annual solstice dinner and we’re going to have a meet and greet for our readers (PZ, Stephanie Zvan, Jason Thibeault and the infamous Bio Dork will be there as well). We’re meeting in the bar of Firelake, a restaurant in the Radisson Blu downtown at 8 pm Saturday night. Be there or…don’t be there.

Messianic Rabbi Uses Hanukkah to Blather Ignorantly

The Worldnetdaily has an interview with Jonathan Cahn, their favorite messianic “rabbi” (read: Christian preacher) and end-times babbler, about Hannukah. He uses the opportunity to spout all manner of ignorant nonsense about the evils of The Gay, separation of church and state and more. Let’s start with this amusing bit of stupid:
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Corrupt Cop Won’t Be Charged. Film at 11.

If there are a million stories in the naked city, it seems like this story is about 900,000 of them. A police officer in California has been seized marijuana by the pound and then not filing reports on it, taking it home rather than turning it in as evidence. Local prosecutors are not going to charge him because, of course they’re not.
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We’ve Got a Matching Grant

A generous reader of Dispatches has been kind enough to offer a $500 matching grant for my Foundation Beyond Belief fundraiser. The goal was $2000 and we’re just over $1000 now, so that would be enough to beat the goal. So every dollar you donate right now will be doubled! Click here to donate. And thank you so much to Michael Fuller for his incredible generosity.

Another Right Wing Plan to Take Over Territory

We’ve already had the Free State Project, where people planned to take over a state and turn it into a libertarian paradise, and Christian Exodus, which planned to take over South Carolina and turn it into a theocracy. Now we have a right-wing plan to take over a county in Arizona and then refuse to comply with federal law.
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