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Staver: God’s Gonna Kill Us…Any Minute Now

Mat Staver, the dumbest lawyer in America not named Larry Klayman, recently went on a cruise with his wife (being a professional liar pays well) and visited Pompeii. It immediately made him think about how his big bad buddy named God is going to kill us all…any minute now. Read more

Uh Oh. The Wingnuts Turn on Ted Cruz.

I wrote the other day about the transparent sham of Ted Cruz pretending to give a shit about the child refugees he’s using as a political weapon, but for his more bigoted and extremist followers he has now revealed himself as a bleeding heart liberal and probably a communist. These are from his Facebook page: Read more

Wingnut Legislator Compares EPA to Terrorists

In yet another example of Republicans mainstreaming the fringe so thoroughly that they’ve elected someone who is willing to publicly say the most bizarre and extremist things imaginable, a House Republican is comparing the EPA to terrorists for regulating pollution from coal plants. Read more

FBI Investigating Mike Adams’ Threats

I keep meaning to write about the appalling post by Mike Adams, the “health ranger,” telling his followers to kill supports of Monsanto and GMOs just like they would have killed the Nazis. He even apparently put up a Monsanto Collaborators site to tell them specifically who to kill, while claiming he wasn’t the one behind it. Now he’s caught the attention of the FBI: Read more

In a Rare Move, Congress Actually Does Something

In what almost seems astonishing, Congress has apparently struck a deal to actually pass legislation to fix a problem. Congressional negotiators have reached a tentative deal on a bill to fix some of the pressing problems in VA health care, including emergency funding. Read more