Dobson, Gay People and Satan

James Dobson hosted anti-gay bigots Alex McFarland and Anne Paulk on his radio show last week and the conversation was pretty much what you’d expect. McFarland repeated the long-debunked lie that gay people live decades shorter lives than straight people. Oh, and Satan. Of course.

And then Dobson actually claimed that he has “never said anything hateful to a homosexual” and that he had never said anything to “increase that pain and that rejection.” And if you believe that, you’re delusional.


  1. Loqi says

    James Dobson is the kind of creature a plantar wart looks down on with disgust. When he is dead and gone, more people will be struggling to not stoop to the level of celebrating his death than actually mourning it.

    What? I’ve never said anything disparaging about Dobson in my life. I’m not sure where you might have gotten that idea.

  2. sharonb says

    That hateful self-righteous scold, Dobson, et al., created the ADF, which in its early days intervened in divorce /custody actions to prevent glbt parents from having contact with their own children. “Never increase [their] pain or rejection?”
    Ok, I meant to say hateful, self-righteous, LYING scold, Dobson. ..

  3. says

    All Dobson has said is that homosexuals are an abomination and deserve to writhe in agony for all eternity. How could anyone interpret that as causing them to feel pain or rejection?

  4. skinnercitycyclist says

    And why did I read that headline and think: “Me and you and a dog named Boo”?

  5. Evan Brehm says

    Dobson has never said anything hateful about homosexuals. And war is peace, and up is down, and freedom is slavery.

  6. matty1 says

    “Dobson, Gay People and Satan”

    That was one of the most awkward dinner parties I’ve ever been to. I mean the gay people were fine but Dobson and Satan kept bickering about which of them was most evil.

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