Mississippi School Quickly Caves on Religious Convocation

The public school district in Jackson, Mississippi wasted little time in agreeing to stop holding religious services for their mandatory convocation held at the start of each school year. In a letter to the American Humanist Association, the school promised to make sure all speakers refrain from religious messages during the event. You can read the letter from the school district here.

Now is the Time on Sprockets When We Pander

Okay, pretend you’re Bobby Jindal. And in 2012, you lobbied for and signed into law a bill that opted the state of Louisiana into the Common Core curriculum. But in the last two years it’s become politically inconvenient to endorse Common Core if you want to run for president as a Republican. What do you do? You sue the Obama administration over Common Core.
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Fischer: Robin Williams Possessed by Demons

And we have yet another fundie moron declaring that Robin Williams was possessed by demons. I’m sure it will come as no surprise that the fundie moron in question is Bryan Fischer, who is kind of the king of fundie morons at this point. If I had Gordon Klingenschmitt’s ability to identify demons, I might think Fischer was possessed by a demon of stupidity.
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Robertson Prefers Ideology to Facts

Pat Robertson displayed his penchant for ignoring reality so he can continue to maintain his preferred myth. This is true of nearly all conservatives, who claim that Obama is a socialist who is trying to destroy Wall Street and corporate America even while the stock market reaches historic highs. “Obama and his crew are doing everything they can to cripple our industry,” he says while pretending that those facts do not exist.
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Hice is Outraged the IRS is Doing What He Wanted Them to Do

Jody Hice, the preacher turned politician who is almost certain to be in Congress from the state of Georgia, is joining many of his fellow wingnut preachers in being shocked and outraged that the IRS would do exactly what they demanded they do — crack down on preachers violating the IRS code by endorsing candidates from the pulpit.
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Phoenix Gives Prostitutes a Choice: Church or Jail

The city of Phoenix is running a blatantly unconstitutional program in its police department, arresting sex workers and giving them a simple choice: Go to church or go to jail. The program is a joint operation between the city, the Catholic church and a local protestant church. Americans United for Separation of Church and State reports:
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