Ben Carson’s Fake Idea of Compromise

Ben Carson is apparently trying to position himself as someone who can appeal to the conservative base and to everyone else. Like on gay marriage, for instance, he has a compromise that will fix the whole thing. The compromise? Gay people can’t get married. Brilliant plan.


  1. dingojack says

    Next he’s gonna tackle the Middle-East Problem:

    “Everyone just get along”. Solved.

    World Hunger:
    “Everyone share their sandwiches”. Solved.

    “What global warming? I don’t see no global warming. Nothing to see here, go back to what you were doing… ”


  2. Chiroptera says

    Well, he’s not calling for people who disagree with him on to to be killed, imprisoned, exiled, or have their tongues pierced with a hot poker. For the contemprorary US conservatives, that’s a mighty big compromise. I’m sure that they are feeling like they are giving more to this compromise than they’re asking.

  3. culuriel says

    Conservatives prefer minority groups that put up with the majority’s discrimination of them.

  4. D. C. Sessions says

    What’s mine is mine, what’s ours is mine, and what’s yours is ours.

    Perfectly fair.

  5. says

    They know they can’t go even an inch because we’ll take a mile. Seriously! Even now we’re planning, plotting and scheming on Normalizing some other deviant lifestyle. Gingerism, probably.

  6. says

    Ray Ingles “So I ask them why the majority of the state ‘defense of marriage amendments’ ban civil unions, too.”
    And ruin the Sanctity of Civil Unions?!!! Look, us Conservatives are just fine with The Gays getting married and living together, as long as they dont’ call it anything, get no State (or societal) recognition or protection for their deviant monogamy at all and also we can arrest them for sodomy.

  7. says

    Sounds like the typical Republican “compromise” as seen in the recent shutdown/debt limit brinksmanship fiascos: You give us the things we want, and we’ll give you the things we want.

  8. cjcolucci says

    Ray: Although I never objected to same-sex marriage, many years ago I thought there was a compromise to be had along those lines and that advocates of same-sex marriage ought to take it. Imagine the surprise when there was nobody on the other side of the table to cut the deal with.

  9. says

    And here I though marriage was describe as a institution. Also the U.S. as a nation is only about 240 years old so where does the thousands of years come in?

    Definition “Civil Disobedience”: Refusal to obey governmental demands or commands especially as a nonviolent and usually collective means of forcing concessions from the government.

    Since it is people calling for the change how does he qualify resisting the change as Civil Disobedience?

  10. John Pieret says

    I think his “compromise” is “Give up any thought of having equal rights and we’ll let you be second-class citizens.”

  11. says

    “Carson’s idea of compromise is remarkably similar to my father’s.”

    Have you ever seen both of them at the same time?


    Normally, Modus, I look at your stuff and say, “Man, I wish had THOSE fucking meds, instead of the shitty ones I’m on!”.

    But your comment at 9 reads like plagiarism! Have you been reading the minds of KKKonservatives, again? You KNOW that the overlords reserve that for themselves.


    A Tee-shirt slogan, FTW!

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