Beck: Obama ‘Ready to Snap,’ Round Up Conservatives

It cracks me up that Glenn Beck criticizes Alex Jones for being a conspiracy theorist, then repeats exactly the same claims Jones makes. On his radio show on Friday, Beck said that Obama is on the verge of snapping and will soon be rounding up conservatives and putting them into internment camps.


  1. Randomfactor says

    When Obama DOES snap and send all the conservatives to FEMA camps, he should pointedly not take Beck.

    Not important enough.

  2. alanb says

    Well, you have to admit that if anybody understands “Ready to Snap” it’s Glenn Beck.

  3. mikeyb says

    Of course it’s a joke, but Beck and his crazy talk belongs in a mental institute.

  4. raven says


    Meaning Beck is ready to snap.

    OTOH, Beck has been ready to snap his entire life. He has been having wild mood swings since he was a Top 40 AM radio DJ decades ago.

    Which doesn’t mean he will. A lot of these types are “stable within their category”. You think they will finally flame out but they never do. They never get better either.

  5. Kevin Kehres says

    Psst…Glenn…wanna know a secret?

    You’re right! There’s a list, and you’re on it. I could tell you which camp you’re going to be detained in, but I don’t want to spoil the surprise. Bring a heavy coat.

    If I were you, I’d go into hiding right now. Don’t broadcast. You know that the government can track you that way, right? Best to stop broadcasting altogether while you’re in hiding.

    Go deep, Glenn. Very deep. Wait ’til the ‘all-clear’. Might take decades.

  6. felidae says

    Beck is crazy as a fox–he gets 100 to 200 thousand people to pony up 20 bucks a month to listen to his insane rants because his fantasies dovetail with a small segment of the population. Do the math–he is grossing more than $2 million a month. Nice work if you can get it

  7. D. C. Sessions says

    Yes, Beck is crazy. Crazy like a fox.

    I don’t think this was him in my back yard. For one thing, this fox seems to be female.

  8. lorn says

    I see this as classic right-wing projection. They contemplate all the dirty deeds, insults, obstructionism, and dirty tricks inflicted upon Obama and they try to figure out what they would do in his place. Yes, given their tendency to answer every problem with force, they would snap, declare a national emergency and use every lever of state power available to round up and suppress the known domestic enemies.

    So far, they have always been wrong because even moderately conservative democrats don’t really think that way.

  9. comfychair says

    “WHY has nobody shown up yet to collect all my guns and/or haul me off to an Acorn Socialist BENGHAAAAAAZI! indoctrination camp??! How long do you think I can get away with all this Screamy-McShouty prophesy-for-profit bullshit with NONE of it coming true, year after year after fucking YEAR! How long can I keep this up before somebody actually DOES come collect all my guns and/or haul me off to a nice padded room… ooh look, a squirrel…”

  10. OpenMindedNotCredulous says

    Yet another example of psychological projection. Not a single liberal that I know, read, or listen to has ever advocated anything of the sort. Yet I regularly see such proposals from conservatives with respect to liberals. Let’s hope and, more importantly, work against such individuals ever gaining enough power to put their wishes into practice.

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