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  1. matty1 says

    So people who are not citizens are so eager to take part in the democratic process they pretend to be a dead person in order to register to vote? Surely this is a sign of commitment to their new home and a reason to hurry up their transition to citizenship so they don’t have to break the rules to participate.

  2. John Pieret says

    Picture Barry Farber sitting down to review the issues and study the candidates and deciding how best to vote in November.

  3. Chris J says

    matty1 @ 1:

    But didn’t you hear? The overwhelming majority of illegal immigrants vote democratic (despite… not being able to vote, where the hell does that statistic come from?), it would be unfair to let people become citizens if they’re just going to side with the enemy! /s

    I wonder how true that snark is, actually… Do Republicans oppose immigration reform because they think it would cause a huge influx of democratic voters?

  4. gshelley says

    So a lot of them say – Apparently they are so convinced in the bankruptcy of their ideas, that they think in the 14 years it would take for an illegal immigrant to get citizenship, they couldn’t be persuaded to vote Republican.

  5. says

    Chris J , look, it’s obvious that they’ll vote for Democrats, despite the fact that the consistent GOP platform of gutting social programs, cutting not-their taxes and kicking them out of the country should appeal to Latinics (Hispanos?).

    Next on the agenda: Figuring out why “urban” Americans (*wink wink*) won’t vote for them, either, and if there’s time wondering why slutty broads who can’t keep their legs crossed vote for the other party.

  6. dingojack says

    There are just under 46,000 people called ‘John Smith’ in the US. How do you know that they aren’t all Timelords from the planet Gallifrey, and that they didn’t vote 45,999 times for the Democratic, or Republican candidate?

  7. says

    To even raise the specter of voter fraud, you have to completely ignore the fact that voter apathy is by orders of magnitude, a greater problem in the USA, especially amongst young people, who are far more likely to vote Democrat these days when they do vote.

    Of course, the encouragement of greater participation in the most fundamental of democratic institutions has never exactly been the top priority of conservatives in this country — to put it mildly.

  8. says

    WND might want to reconsider playing the voter fraud card. It might backfire on them by convincing some of their readers not to vote, since all that horrible voter fraud just makes their votes meaningless. “It’s all rigged, so why should I bother?”

  9. says

    I have the same name as my father, my grandfather, and a great great uncle. Were it not that the latter three are registered Republicans, would we all look like one person trying to vote four times in their eyes?

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