God’s Not Dead 2: Electric Boogaloo

A friend emailed me a link to the trailer of a movie that falls right in line with God’s Not Dead. It’s called A Matter of Faith. It’s the story of a college freshman whose biology teacher is teaching about evolution, prompting her father to challenge the professor to a debate. And the professor is Harry Anderson, who played Judge Stone on Night Court.
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What the Hell, Orlando Sentinel?

I sent out a press release for the Week of Action, which is taking place right now, and was happy to see that the Orlando Sentinel picked up on it and published an article about it. But very oddly, they decided to put a video on top of the story about American Atheists suing over the World Trade Center cross. What on earth does that have to do with the Week of Action or the Foundation Beyond Belief? It’s like they’re intentionally trying to discredit us with a totally unrelated video that they know will be unpopular.

SC Republican: Women to Blame for 95% of Divorces

Det Bowers is one of half a dozen far-right Tea Party types running in the Republican primary challenging Sen. Lindsay Graham of South Carolina. He delivered a sermon at a church in that state recently in which he claimed that women are responsible for 95% of all divorces because they love their children more than their husband.
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Bundy’s Son Gives the Usual Excuses for Racism

After being caught saying that black people are lazy and shiftless and dependent on the government and that they would have been better off as slaves, his son is defending him with the usual list of excuses for racism — he was framed, it was out of context, he just isn’t articulate and by golly he has black friends!
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