Christian Conservatives Hammer Palin’s Torture Remarks

It’s probably a good thing to be reminded now and then that not every Christian conservative in the country has sold their soul to Republican tribalism and several of them have stepped up to blast Sarah Palin for her hideous declaration that if she were in charge, waterboarding is how she would “baptize” terrorists. Here’s Joe Carter of The Gospel Coalition:
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NCSE Announces New Friend of Darwin Award Winners

The National Center for Science Education has announced this year’s winners of the Friend of Darwin award, given to those “whose efforts to support NCSE and advance its goal of defending the teaching of evolution have been truly outstanding.” I was very honored to have received this award myself in 2009 and this year it goes to the attorneys in the Dover case: Vic Walzcak, Eric Rothschild, Steve Harvey and Richard Katskee. Science journalist Faye Flam is also receiving the award. Congratulations to Vic, Eric, Steve and Richard, all of whom should have been given this award long before I ever did.

Linda Harvey’s Breathtaking Illogic

One of the most ridiculous arguments we hear constantly from the Christian right is this idea that gays and liberals are in cahoots with Muslims to destroy Christianity. Unhinged bigot Linda Harvey praises Muslim cab drivers who refused to drive cabs with ads for the Gay Games in Cleveland while still claiming there’s a Gay-Muslim axis working together against Christianity.
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Another Fake Todd Starnes Story Debunked

You may recall that a few weeks ago Todd Starnes promoted a story about a kindergarten student who was allegedly told that she could not pray before eating lunch in the cafeteria. Turns out the student’s father is an executive with the company about to publish Starnes’ next book, conveniently about Christian persecution. An investigation concluded that it’s all nonsense:
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