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  1. marcus says

    And of course the classic-always a winner-
    “WHAT ABOUT MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE?1?1!!?!one!!!!11elenty!!?

  2. dingojack says

    I would have thought:
    because of
    [Insert de-bunked conspiracy theory here].

    :/ Dingo

  3. Loqi says

    Why don’t we get the same amount of attention from the police as the darker skinned people? We want to feel safe and protected too!

  4. Abby Normal says

    We didn’t take this land from the red skins just to hand it over to the black, brown, and yellow skins.

  5. caseloweraz says

    Here’s an interview with Kyle Hunt, the man behind the White Man March, conducted by Dave Schilling. This paragraph cracked me up:

    I asked to speak to Kyle over the phone, but he refused after discovering that I write a weekly column on racial issues. He was gracious enough to respond to my questions over email anyway. He sent back answers (most of which came with handy-dandy links to White-pride websites as “evidence”), with my questions highlighted in what Kyle described as “Commie red.” For the sake of my readers’ eyeballs, I have changed them all back to black. Hope he doesn’t mind them being black.

  6. freehand says

    My local college has four white students – all on the croquet team!

  7. freehand says

    True story – my son went to a community college in Missouri twenty years ago that had 7 black students – all on the basketball team.

  8. Chiroptera says

    jameshanley, #14: I’m no mathematician, but 5/3 isn’t actually correct, is it?

    I am a mathmematician (at least I teach college level math), and I think it is correct. If the intent of the joke is what I think it is (1 black person = 3/5 white person means that 5/3 black person = 1 white person).

    On the other hand, I’ve been sleep deprived since the end of spring break, so I offer no warranties.

  9. says

    “What do we want?

    A return to a better time. A time when women were quiet, blacks were property and queers didn’t exist. AMEN!”

    I know it’s not short and pithy, but I suspect it’s fairly accurate.

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