Beck: Me and God Are Gonna Save the World

Glenn Beck took to his trusty blackboard to demonstrate his goals for his network, which is 100 million unique visitors to his website a month so he can “expand the footprint for the truth.” And God’s in control of the whole thing, you see, because they’re gonna save the world. It’s a frothy mix of false humility and delusion.


  1. eric says

    So he thinks every single person (including toddlers) in the US will have visited his website by August? That doesn’t seem like false humility to me. It seems like no humility at all.

  2. Artor says

    Why the fuck does anyone give this delusional asshole the time of day. let along his own TV show?

  3. StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return! says

    75 million is an unheard of number Beck? (25 secs mark)

    Meh, don’t think so. I’ve heard of it. Its about the number of millions of years ago the KT extinction that wiped out the Dinos (plus many other species) happened innit?

    There’s a lot of people reading / watching the Blaze it seems. I do wonder how many take it seriously and agree and how many are just there for the comic relief or from blogs like this mocking / criticising it?

    It’s a frothy mix of false humility and delusion.

    Thought that “frothy mix” were Santorum’s thang no?

  4. raven says

    Why the fuck does anyone give this delusional asshole the time of day. let along his own TV show?

    Good question. A better question is who takes Glenn Beck seriously? The only one I know is a very old guy who is deep into age related cognitive decline.

    I, once again, just looked up his ratings on Alexa, which tracks website statistics.

    Theblaze is one of the world’s top 2000 websites.

    Global Rank
    Rank in United States
    Global Rank

    Rank in United States

    Theblaze is rated at USA, 116 and Freethoughtblogs is 8,622. Glenn Beck’s website is far more visited than FTBs. Depressing isn’t it.

  5. otrame says

    Okay. Anyone who implies that Ted Cruz is ANYTHING like George Washington (well except for a willingness to own slaves, perhaps) does not deserve to be addressed with anything but mockery. So….

    Who the hell picked out those glasses? He already has beady little eyes. Did no one dare tell the Emperor that those small lenses and thick black frames draw attention to the smallness and beadyness?

  6. anubisprime says

    Becky baby might get the curious, the scandalized, and the sceptical in search of a laugh, to his tar pit of the intellect…but how many return?…probably far to many but statistics being statistics it might not be as depressing as it looks!

  7. uncephalized says

    Is he trying to appeal to Millennials with those ridiculous glasses and douchey beard?

    Because I’m a Millennial, and it’s not working on me.

  8. busterggi says

    Its nice to see that Beck considers his god to be almost his equal. Most believers treat their gods like wish-granting genies.

  9. scienceavenger says

    I’m with #4. Everythihng Beck says is daft, you could keep a blog going solely on his idiocy. Why bother any more? It’s like reporting the earth is still rotating.

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