More Anti-Obama Lies in a Facebook Meme

Those moronic chain emails your right wing uncle likes to forward you have now turned into Facebook memes, full of lies and exaggerations. Here’s one that has been circulating on Facebook about how Obama supposedly violating the Constitution by accepting a medal from the king of Saudi Arabia:


It’s pretty much total bullshit, of course. And I’m sure they freaked out the same way when Bush got the same medal, right?


No? How surprising.


  1. says

    So the counter meme would be to take the equivalent pictures of Shrub and put them in EXACTLY the same context and text (with the correct date, of course.) Then, every time you see the Obama one, respond with this one.

  2. says

    How silly. Their own meme disproves their claim. The pic describes it as a “medal” or an “order”. Neither term is listed in the forbidden gifts/titles.

    Ah! but that assumes the poster can form a rational thought…

  3. Henrietta Swan says

    While I admire Politifact, I think that they often bend over backwards to find merit in some of the right-wing-ish claims that they examine.

    They rated this claim to be “mostly false”. When in fact, the claims made in the stupid facebook post are:

    1. Obama accepted an “Islamic Order and gold medal”.
    False. Well, it is a gold medallion, but is in no way any sort of Islamic medal. The facebook post intentionally misleads the reader as to the nature of this medallion.

    2. On 2/2011
    False. The event in question was 6/2009

    3. Unconstitutional
    False. Politifact explains why.

    So the substance of their claim was totally false. The only grain of truth (it was a medallion made of gold) is irrelevant to the facebook post’s claims. So why “mostly false” instead of “false” or even “pants on fire”?

  4. vilstef says

    It’s a freakin’ medal, not a title of Nobility.

    Thatcher gave an honorary Knighthood to St Ronnie-which is much closer to a title of Nobility than anyone’s medal.

  5. abb3w says

    The meme ignores that Congress has consented to these sorts of gift via 5 USC § 7342 et seq. The short answer seems that it’s OK for the POTUS (and VPOTUS) to get such as long as the bauble is handed over to the GSA within a couple months.

  6. psweet says

    Turns out those gifts are eventually donated to suitable museums – the Public Museum in Kenosha, WI has a few from previous administrations.

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