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Bryan Fischer Award Nominee: Dan Gainor

The Bryan Fischer Award is given to those who display a staggering lack of self-awareness, accusing their opponents of their own worst deeds. Since this is an almost ubiquitous behavior from the Christian right, it isn’t hard to find examples. Dan Gainor of the Media Research Center displays it in his response to Bill Maher saying that the God of the Bible is a “psychotic mass murderer.”

Years ago, Maher was actually funny, says Dan Gainor, vice president of business and culture for the Media Research Center.

“His whole shtick now is to simply offend more this time than he did last time, because that gets him attention and gets people talking about him on radio and TV,” says the MRC spokesman.

Gainor advises it is important to pay attention to what the Left says because it explains a general worldview.

Gainor, Dan (MRC)”There is such a sweeping tide of anti-religious and particularly anti-Christian sentiment among the Left,” he says, singling out writers at far-left websites Huffington Post, Daily Kos, and Democratic Underground.

The hatred for Christians is so strong, claims Gainor, that he believes the Far Left would “kick us out of the country, lock us up, or shoot us,” if it could.

Really, Dan? Let’s take a look at history. Which group is demanding the right to lock up those they think are “sinners,” like gay people? You and your Christian right buddies. Should I show you the video of Bryan Fischer repeatedly saying that we should ban the building of mosques and throw Muslims out of the country? Or John Hagee repeatedly telling atheists to get out of the country? Or Peter Sprigg saying we should throw gay people out of the country? Psychological projection FTW.

Have you noticed that in all the furor over Bill Maher’s comments, no one has actually disputed their accuracy? He was discussing the Biblical flood story, where God drowns everyone on earth other than 8 people along with virtually all the animals as well. How could that be anything but the behavior of a psychotic mass murderer?


  1. John Pieret says

    But pointing out what their Bible actually says, much less what their fellow Christians are saying now, is exactly a sweeping tide of anti-religious and particularly anti-Christian sentiment. You are making them and their God out to be hateful bigots just because they are!

  2. Sastra says

    This is especially ironic since one of the main complaints against the gnu atheists is that we are trying to “convert”, (i.e. rationally persuade) people to reject the God hypothesis. That’s what you do when your case rests on reason and you think your opponents are mistaken. Kicking people out, locking them up, or killing them is what you do when you believe one side is inherently Good and the other side is intractably Evil. Like in religion.

    Any atheist “war on Christianity” is going to resemble a “war on illiteracy” or a “war on poverty.” You don’t eradicate illiteracy by getting rid of anyone who can’t read. No, you provide the tools for learning and try to motivate the non-readers to make use of them. Nor do you eliminate poverty by killing the poor.

    Apparently some religious people can’t really use this framework themselves because belief is so firmly a matter of “faith” — and so they assume we can’t either. But we don’t consider atheism a faith.

  3. eric says

    I see no response to the charge that God is a psychotic mass murderer in there. Just a lot of ad hom.

  4. sinned34 says

    Sastra, that was an excellent observation. I’m totally stealing the first two paragraphs of your comment at #2 as a response for whenever a Christian talks about how oppressed they are in North America and Europe, and all the supposed evil things that atheists want to do to Christians.

  5. Michael Heath says

    sastra writes:

    . . . [atheists] don’t consider atheism a faith.

    I would go one step further. Many non-believers argue that faith is a juvenile thinking and character defect that leads to overall, less optimal outcomes.

    Faith is a defect that is also celebrated culturally well beyond church doors; e.g., Hollywood, sports entertainment, and the mainstream news media.

  6. Numenaster says

    Nor do you eliminate poverty by killing the poor.

    But the GOP is willing to test the theory out just to make sure it still holds true.

  7. Wylann says

    Dave Maier@6:

    Maher was never funny.

    As humor is mostly a matter of taste, I disagree. He still has his moments, and since his show is on a pay cable channel, at least he can say many things that might be censored on normal TV or basic cable. I find his humor entertaining most of the time. I find his panel discussions on his show to be real hit or miss, and not as good as Jon Stewart, but I still watch Bill’s show pretty regularly.

  8. says

    Which group is demanding the right to lock up those they think are “sinners,” like gay people?

    Sure, but the Left is demanding that the Right, in their capacity in businesses open to the public, bake cakes for gayhomos. If anything, that’s worse.

    Numenaster “But the GOP is willing to test the theory out just to make sure it still holds true.”
    Now you’re just being ridiculous. Why wipe out an unlimited pool of cheap, desperate, disposable labor? Plus, who else is going to fill our prisons if not the poor?

    sigurd jorsalfar “Everyone knows the way you eliminate poverty is by fudging the stats.”
    Fudging the Stats is the name of my chocolate shop. We mostly cater to statisticians and accountants.

  9. dugglebogey says

    Being shocked that non-christians are unhappy with christians after they aren’t in charge and making all the rules any more is the same as being shocked that slaves are unhappy with slave owners after the 14th amendment was passed.

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