Lively Loves Him Some Putin

Deranged bigot Scott Lively went on Bryan Fischer’s radio show and slobbered all over Russian authoritarian strongman Vladimir Putin, saying he was going to reestablish the Tsarist system (as if that would be a good thing) and return Christian values to the “Marxist” United States.


  1. matty1 says

    Well I wouldn’t entirely put it past Putin to declare himself Tsar but it’s not quite clear what that would get him that the presidency doesn’t. It may also be that he is sexist enough not to want to leave the throne to one of his daughters.

  2. John Pieret says

    Just to show how narrow-minded, in all senses of the term, they are when it comes to their gay bigotry, they completely ignore the fact, pointed out by Right Wing Watch, that Putin’s government is hostile to evangelical Christians in Russia, Their own can be harrassed by state security agencies, be attacked on state TV, be fined for preaching in public and so forth but Lively and Fischer don’t care as long as gays are getting it even worse.

  3. marcus says

    OMD!. I surprised bringing those two together in one place didn’t create a critic mass of stupid and rend the space-time continuum . Thank goodness Farah didn’t show up or life in this quadrant of the galaxy might have ended.

  4. says

    ” saying he was going to reestablish the Tsarist system (as if that would be a good thing) ”

    Considering that these people want a return to the Middle Ages, complete with the divine right of kings, he probably does see it as a good thing.

  5. anubisprime says

    Saying that you approve a Russian president in the 50’s…would have got you in the deepest shit imaginable.

    It was not so much the political shame, more the affront to Christianity…

    McCarthy in your face was much the same as Matthew Hopkins taking a keen interest in you, just different centuries, different delusions, and different country…the fear was the same though…but now we have this…I am very confused!

  6. Ichthyic says

    I do wish Lively would apply for sanctuary in Russia.

    the irony of he and Snowden having both applied for sanctuary in Russia is just too good to not encourage.

  7. Ichthyic says

    I am very confused!

    let me help you. Don’t focus on the specifics, just realize this is all about authoritarianism, and all the issues that come along with that.

    then it all makes perfect sense.

  8. dan4 says

    Putin, in his NY Times editorial, strongly criticized the idea of “American exceptionalism.” The reason I bring that up is because, while this may not specifically apply to Lively, I doubt the overlap between the individuals who proclaim that “Obama doesn’t believe in American exceptionalism!” and the Putin slobberers is not a small one.

  9. matty1 says

    Dan4, really this is an issue? It is just credible to me that American’s take the idea they are ‘exceptional’ seriously but are there really people who expect the leaders of other nations to do the same, who think someone like Putin is going to say “Oh the Americans they are better than us”?

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