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  1. D. C. Sessions says

    It’s not surprising the business wing won.

    This round. We’ll see how this plays come the primaries.

  2. says

    It’s been interesting watching the Republicans who were urging Brewer to veto the bill. They didn’t want her to do it because the bill was despicable and LGBT people are people and deserve to be treated equally and with dignity and respect. No, they wanted her to do it because of money. It all boils down to money for them.

  3. dogmeat says

    It’s not surprising the business wing won.

    Actually, with Brewer, it is understandably surprising. Underestimating her level of “stupid” sets you up for some world class hurt.

  4. alanb says

    Bryan Fischer:

    If homosexual activists actually believed in tolerance what they would is they would respect the convictions of Christian businessmen. They would say, “Hey I respect your convictions, I’ll go find another vendor.”

    Presumably Bryan would also respect people with these convictions.

  5. Wylann says

    I’m hoping the split between the teabaggers and the money makes it easier to get more Dems elected in Az. I plan on moving back there in the next few years. (hopefully, it will be my last move for a good, long time…until they run out of water).

  6. D. C. Sessions says

    I plan on moving back there in the next few years.

    My condolences.

    (hopefully, it will be my last move for a good, long time…until they run out of water).

    Or until the price of gasoline goes up. Both of which are going to happen sooner rather than later.

    Me? I’ve lived here for more than 60 years, and I’m leaving before the calendar rolls over.

  7. raven says

    It’s not surprising the business wing won.

    Actually it is.

    The GOP is having its civil war. So far it looks like the Tea Party is ahead. The business wing went out and raised a lot of money. The Tea Party raised more than they did.

  8. raven says

    http://www. are-we-watching-gop-verge-collapse

    After suffering a heavy defeat in the 2012 election, establishment Republicans believed the sure fire way to wrestle control of the party back from the clutches of the unelectable Christian Right/Tea Party was to raise enough Wall Street and Chamber of Commerce cash to crush the social conservative moment. But that plan has gone awry given the Federal Electoral Commission revealed that Tea Party and social conservative groups raised nearly three times as much as GOP establishment groups in 2013.


    Theda Skopcol, who is a government and sociology professor at Harvard, writes that the Christian Right/Tea Party faction is more likely than not to win the Republican Party’s civil war. “Unless moderate Republicans can defeat them, they will triumph by hanging on long enough.”

    It’s worth noting that there barely remain any open shirted “moderate Republicans.”

    These are recent quotes from an article following the GOP civil war by someone who is watching it closely. YMMV and FWIW.

  9. Randomfactor says

    Fischer just wants the gays to pay royalties for using Christians’ trademarked “jackbooted fascist thugs” technique.

  10. John Pieret says

    They are jack-booted homofascist thugs,” Fischer said “who want to use the totalitarian and tyrannical power of the state to send men of faith to jail.

    [Sigh!] I know Fischer is allergic to facts but none of the anti-discrimination laws carry jail sentences; just fines.

    But what’s up with that “to send men of faith to jail”? Us jack-booted homofascist thugs aren’t misogynists … we want to send women of faith to jail too!

  11. chuckster says

    Besides LGBT the other group that would really be harmed if these religious exclusions to discrimination laws pass are women. There are still a lot of persons that think a woman/mother’s place is in the home and will say the belief is regilious and then claim protection in employemnt cases when they fire or refuse to hire women.

    The republicans may be able to stop the racists(or at least keep them quiet) from using these laws but I doubt they will able to stop the sexists.

  12. Trebuchet says

    I guess I should have said “I’m not surprised the money side won IN THIS CASE”.

    First, Brewer can’t run for re-election due to term limits. That means she can’t be “primaried” this year. She also can’t run for the Senate, since neither seat is up for election this year and both are held by Republicans anyhow.
    Second, I’ve been hearing she vetoed a similar bill last year. [citation needed]
    Third, uhm……I’ve forgotten number three. I’m pretty sure I had one. Senior moment!

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