Michigan Man: Kill the Jews

David Neiwert exposes the work of James Laffrey, a vicious anti-Semite who appears to be from Michigan. He owns the website Whites Will Win, in which he calls Adolf Hitler “the greatest leader of the last century” and, like his idol, routinely calls for the murder of Jews.

My dear fellow Whites, Wake up. I woke up after the age of 50! So, I do not lose hope in you, whatever your age. The truth is that our White race invented everything we care about, from science itself, to the printing press, true sanitation systems, heating and cooling systems, the control and use of electricity, every kind of machine, power tools, every motorized vehicle, planes, rockets, phones, computers, and this Internet. The jews stole the White inventor Thomas Edison’s movie-making equipment and fled out to the far coast, to Los Angeles, to put it to use in their new propaganda industry against us.

The jews are the invaders in this White-founded White-built country of ours. Ours. But our great race has some weaknesses. Our ancestors were too generous, too tolerant, too ignorant of jews, and suicidally gullible. Thus, the invaders were allowed to operate.

We are the founding race of our country. By every right of humanity, the founding race of a country can and should kill invaders…

And now, we need to rise up, kill the enemy jews, and re-take our own country for ourselves and our own people. By controlling the violent force of military and police, the jews have taken control of our country away from us. Only by force will we take it back.

They have us out-organized, since they are fully race-conscious and they control the government. But they do not have us out-gunned. We have multi-millions of veterans, hunters, and other gun owners across the country. And the jews do not have us outsmarted. You and I have overcome a lifetime of their propaganda against us! Be proud of that. Also, we know how to efficiently and covertly put our intelligence, abilities, weapons, and creativity to work for us, for now.

Kill jews. jew doctors, jew lawyers, jew teachers, jew insurers, jew porn dealers, jew drug dealers, jew owners of major league sports teams, jew bankers, jew travel agency owners, jew jewelers.

Do it carefully. Safely. Proudly. Silently. Again and again.

Ugh. This kind of thing makes my skin crawl.


  1. dugglebogey says

    Wait, Jews aren’t white?

    I live in Tennessee and I never asked anybody what makes a person white, but via deduction I discovered that being “white” really means “not black. or brown. Or asian.”

    Now I am supposed to hate Jews too? How do I know by looking at them? Do I ask their last name? Just hate everyone with a big nose just in case? What about innocent Italians?

    I’m going to need a lot of help with this. Please respond to my email: whatcenturyareyoufrom@gofuckyourself.com

  2. matty1 says

    @1 White basically means “people like us”, it’s an elastic definition that can bring in whoever you want as allies or push out the latest scapegoat. Much in the same way some people turned ‘Christian’ values into ‘Judeo-Christian’ values sometimes while keeping the kind of views about Jewish people that would make James Laffrey feel warm and fuzzy.

  3. D. C. Sessions says

    I heartily endorse his use of free speech. And, of course, await the “no true Scottsman” responses from other bigots.

    Oh, wait — they’re ignoring him?

  4. dhall says

    “fled out to the far coast . . .” Sounds like something out of a bad fantasy novel.

    “The jews are the invaders in this White-founded White-built country of ours. Ours.” I dunno, my Apache ancestors might object to this particular phrasing. But then again, the actual Native Americans never count for anything in this kind of ranting. This has always, always, always been white man’s land . . . Fortunately, I guess–ironically–Native Americans are generally left off the list of those to hate these days too. Just ignored entirely.

  5. Crip Dyke, Right Reverend Feminist FuckToy of Death & Her Handmaiden says


    1. “White built”…uh huh. Why then did we need all that black labor?

    2. Don’t lose hope: He does endorse belated racial genocide against “invaders” who came legally, but only because the people at the time were suckers and/or permissive. It seems like there might be something useful to NDNs in there….

  6. Alverant says

    Any word on Laffrey’s faith? It’s not mentioned. Not that I want to hear “no true Scotsman”, but I would like to be sure no one would try to claim he’s an Atheist.

  7. upprunitegundanna says


    I get the impression he may be an atheist, or at the very least non-religious. There’s a piece on his site in which he’s talking about being a fan of Van Morrison, but “And then he “got religion,” and became irrelevant to me.”

    Sadly, it’s not that uncommon for anti-Semites to be atheist (or pagan). Anti-Semites always talk in luridly essentialist terms, and are terrified of things being “contaminated” by Jews. Since Christianity is an off-shoot of Judaism, many anti-Semites can’t accept it, due to it’s connection to Judaism. It’s very different from rejecting Christianity due to the incoherence of its claims.

  8. Ichthyic says

    The Nazis lost. People who endorse AH and his ideas are likewise losers.

    uh, can we nip it in the bud this time, before another several million people die while these authoritarian fascists “lose”?

  9. LightningRose says

    So when do the targets of this kind of bigoted rhetoric get to invoke the Bush Doctrine and seek their own “Second Amendment Remedies”?

  10. pacal says

    What a loser. Like the writer of The Turner Diaries this jerk gets multiple orgasms contemplating the mass murder of millions / billions of men, women and children. Just sick.

  11. had3 says

    I must have missed the part where my European, and specifically Germanic, ancestors were too tolerant of Jews. I don’t think that word means what he thinks it means.

  12. Pierce R. Butler says

    … and, like his idol, routinely calls for the murder of Jews.

    Didn’t old AH just rant a lot about driving Jews out but keep officially Secret what happened when the trains arrived at “the East”?

  13. jaytheostrich says

    Okay.. so he doesn’t know that much of his country was built by Chinese or black laborers?

    And, isn’t inciting to murder illegal in the U.S.?

  14. Albert Bakker says

    What I find interesting, though not very surprising, is how he describes to have gotten himself convinced of this utterly insane view of the world and radicalized even beyond the point of parody, by “doing his own research” on the internet. That he has the wits of a diseased and shriveled mollusk, which probably contributes substantially to the explanation of his descent into that frightening alternative world, as manifested in what appears to be antisemitic rabies, is perhaps to be preferred to be mad and stupid over the alternative kind of mad.

  15. Nick Gotts says

    Did he change his name from Levine or Lefkowitz? – bahrfeldt@14

    This sort of victim-blaming crap is most common when it comes to assuming homophobes are closeted gays, although I have seen it applied to antisemites before, in the form of accusations that various Nazi leaders had Jewish ancestry, or thought they did.

  16. Nick Gotts says

    BTW, why hasn’t Laffrey been charged with incitement to murder? Do you have to identify a specific victim or something?

  17. says

    David Neiwert:

    “Laffrey appears to have little following, with only slight web traffic, and no financial support.”

    So why is this guy worth a blog post? We know his like are out there. Don’t we just increase his web traffic by talking about him? I didn’t go to his site. I recently bought new computer and don’t want it poisoned just yet.

  18. lpetrich says

    I find it amusing to see Jews called Not Real White People. Even though most Jews are as Caucasoid as most of those who dismiss them as Not Real White People.

  19. dingojack says

    Nick – since you seem to be a little behind in the news:
    Go here & then here.
    Sorry to shock ya.
    :) Dingo
    Next thing you’ll be accusing August Byron Kreis, the former leader of Aryan Nation and Christian Identity minister of being a child-molester! It’s just victim bashing
    oh what’s that? He actually is wanted for child molestation you say? @@

  20. colnago80 says

    Re Nick Gotts @ #25

    It is my information that there is strong evidence that the late and unlamented Reinhard Heydrich had Jewish ancestry on his father’s side. It is alleged that the head of the Abwehr, Admiral Canaris, had evidence of this, which to be fair, has never surfaced.

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