Greatest Dope Story Ever Told

Someone finally uploaded one of the funniest comedy routines ever done by the late, great Ron Shock. It’s called the greatest dope story ever told. It’s a long story in his thick southern drawl about smoking the best marijuana ever. It’s absolutely worth listening to.


  1. Chiroptera says

    Ha ha ha. I saw the word “dope” and thought this was going to be about a Republican candidate for some office.

  2. dingojack says

    “… It’s a long story in his thick southern drawl about smoking the best marijuana ever…”

    No wonder you gave up stand-up Ed, you really undersell the routine.

    :) Dingo

  3. says

    Terribly OT, but I’ve noticed for a few days that Ed’s Recent Postings aren’t.

    Seems not to be updating.

    Does anyone else notice, or is it just me?

  4. Sastra says

    He’s a good storyteller, but I didn’t think it was funny. I’ve never been stoned. It felt a little like being the only sober person at a party where the main topic of conversation is how drunk everyone is. Never really been drunk, either.

    Do not invite me anywhere fun.

  5. Sunday Afternoon says

    And there was me thinking “Greatest Dope Story” = Lance Armstrong until I saw the still in the Youtube video…

  6. scorinth says

    I’ve heard some really good, hilarious comedy routines involving getting high, but the joke in the good ones is rarely “we were *so* stoned, man”. Maybe the story of the greatest dope, but not the greatest “dope story.”

  7. dingojack says

    “The greatest dope story ever told”?
    Wait – is this the one starring Charlton Heston and John Wayne (with a cast of a thousand stoners)?
    ;) Dingo

  8. fixme says

    I posted directly on the youtube link as well. I waited 16 minutes and 30 seconds for the funny part that never came. admittedly, i don’t smoke weed. no disrespect to those that do, but i may be a prereq of this vid.

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