Some Old School Fundie Hilarity

Came across this video while watching some Led Zeppelin videos on Youtube. I can’t find who the guy is in it or when it was recorded (the porn stache is out of the 70s and so is the hair, but the clothes look more modern), but it reminds me a lot of the stuff I was made to watch in the early 80s about the evils of rock music. It even has the old “backward masking” nonsense on it. Here’s the one about Zeppelin specifically:
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Allen West’s Self-Serving Disingenuousness

There are a number of stock rhetorical strategies used by politicians that are self-aggrandizing while pretending to be humble. There’s the “I don’t want to run, but if the people demand it I will” strategy. And then of course there’s the “I just do what God tells me to do” strategy. Allen West makes a lame and self-contradictory attempt at the latter in an interview with the deranged Jesse Lee Peterson.
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RNC vs Peter King on the NSA

The Republican National Committee last week made the blatantly hypocritical move of adopting a resolution condemning what they called unconstitutional NSA surveillance programs. This from the same party that defended illegal surveillance under Bush (though to be fair, Bush isn’t black). Rep. Peter King is hopping mad about it because he may be wrong, but he’s consistently wrong.
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Perkins: Obama to Blame for Rape

President Obama last week made a strong public statement about the need to combat sexual assault, especially on college campuses, and appointed a commission to make recommendations for public policy. Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council says Obama “helped to create” the problem because…oh hell, I don’t know, just read it for yourself:
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Meet the Wingnut Candidate: Greg Brannon

The story of today’s Tea Party-fueled Republican party is that there is no longer a fringe. The fringe, the most extreme elements of the right wing, are now coming out of the woodwork and running for office (and they already have many House seats and even a few Senate seats). Greg Brannon, who is running for the Senate in North Carolina, is a perfect example. Before he was a Republican candidate he was president of a Tea Party group called Founder’s Truth. Buzzfeed dug up their now-defunct website and finds that it was a repository for some truly bizarre conspiracy theories. Like the Aurora shooting was a false flag operation to help steal all the guns:
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Empty Platitude Festival 2014

Tonight is the State of the Union speech, or as I call it, Empty Platitude Festival 2014. Watch as the meaningless buzzwords fly through the air! Gaze in awe to the thrills and chills of trite cliches performing feats of wonder for your entertainment! Then listen to pundits tell you What It All Means in the most serious of terms. Let me save them the trouble: It means nothing. Absolutely nothing. And no one should watch it or give a shit about it.

FLOTUS Partners With Subway. Cue the Wingnuts…

Subway announced it was joining forced with Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move initiative to encourage kids to eat healthier and exercise more. But those crafty wingnuts won’t be fooled by this Muslim communist propaganda straight out of Saul Alinsky and they let their feelings be known on the Subway Facebook page. I’ll leave the names in to not protect the stupid.
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