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Larson Selling ‘Exorcisms’ Over Skype

Bob Larson, the colossal fraud who claims to cast out demons, has found yet another way to bilk the credulous out of their money. He’s now offering exorcisms over Skype for a mere $295. And it’s all tax-deductible, of course, because it’s a ministry. Read more

The State of the Union as Pep Rally and Stump Speech

I’ve made no secret of my complete disdain for the State of the Union address, pointing out that it’s almost entirely made up of empty rhetoric and is a boring and awkward affair for everyone involved. But if finally occurred to me the morning after the most recent one why I hate it so much: It’s a pep rally. Read more

Judicial Panel Wants Marketing Christian Judge Fined, Suspended

Remember that judge in Florida who was accused of selling Christian books and other items from a company she owned to lawyers and others who had business before her court? The Florida Judicial Qualifications Commission is recommending that she be reprimanded, fined and suspended over it. Read more

CBN ‘News’ and the Noah’s Ark Myth

There have been lots and lots of news reports about the ancient Babylonian text about the building of a round ark, a text that predates the Biblical texts by nearly 2000 years. I’m sure it won’t surprise anyone to find out that Pat Robertson’s CBN “News” handled the find with their usual dishonesty: Read more

Virginia Preacher Goes All Taliban

A pastor from Virginia named Paul Washer has gone full Taliban, telling his followers that a woman is committing a sin if she wears clothes that shows the shape of her body at all. So apparently no shorts or tank tops. Gee, might as well put them in a burqa, right? Read more