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RNC Declares War on Christmas!

Oh, Bill O’Reilly is not going to be happy about this at all. Not one little bit. The Republican National Committee has shown the world that it hates Jesus and America by tweeting a Happy Kwanzaa greeting to the black people they spend the rest of the year working against. And some of the responses are hilarious. Read more

Palin: Unnamed Gay People Are On My Side

Sarah Palin continued her tour of the Fox News shows to wax ignorant about the Duck Dynasty douchebag’s bigoted comments, appearing on Sean Hannity’s show to invoke an unnamed and, I’m guessing, imaginary friend “who happens to be gay” and supports her position: Read more

Gay Conservatives and Duck Dynasty

We saw how the theo-conservatives rushed immediately to the defense of the Duck Dynasty douchebag’s bigoted and ignorant statements. But what do gay conservatives think about it? Turns out they’re divided on the subject, which should be a surprise to no one (at least no more surprising than the fact that there is such a thing as a gay conservative). Read more

No, Edward Snowden Should Not Come Back

I’ve heard a lot of people, including some of the alleged liberals in Congress (I’m looking at you, Mark Udall) make the argument that if Edward Snowden really thinks he was a legitimate whistleblower, he should return to the United States to stand trial and make the argument that what he did was in the common good. But as Trevor Timm points out, it’s an argument he wouldn’t even be allowed to make. Read more

OMG! The UN is Taking Over Michigan!

The paranoid far right in Michigan — we have a whole lot of those types — is abuzz with breathless tales of vehicles allegedly belonging to the United Nations being driven to an army air base in Grayling “using secondary roads and traveling only at night.” Read more