Eliason: Bestiality Part of ‘Homosexual Lifestyle’

Vic Eliason of VCY America responds to the attempts to lift the ban on blood donation by gay men by claiming that bestiality and pedophilia are both normal parts of the “homosexual lifestyle” (whatever the hell that is, as though all gay people had the same “lifestyle”).

There is a move to legitimatize this type of blood. It’s been banned but the efforts to legitimatize it in my estimation are occurring because there is a lifestyle that is abnormal, that is the target of normalization.

Meaning, if they can make it normal to circulate homosexual blood; if they can make it normal to have same genders marrying each other; if they can make it normal for immoral and vulgar relationships between same-gender people, along with those who may have a bent — and I apologize for being this blunt — but the issue of pedophilia, or the molestation of children; or — and this is pushing the limits —bestiality, which happens also to be part of the abnormal, homosexual and immoral lifestyle.

As we watch what’s happening, the efforts to normalize that which is abnormal, to take sin and call it righteousness, it’s an absolute effort to redefine what’s right and what’s wrong.

Evidence, please? Oh, right. Bigots don’t do evidence.


  1. Red-Green in Blue says

    Maybe these people have a point; perhaps gay men shouldn’t donate blood. After all, if I were gay, I’d be pretty conflicted about my donations potentially saving the life of people like Vic Eliason…


  2. garnetstar says

    And this has what to do with blood donation? If I was bleeding out, I’d be happy to accept blood from people who practice beastialty or other “abnormal, immoral” lifestyles. That sort of thing is not actually blood-borne.

  3. says

    In line with that old joke about the guy borrowing the “dirty pictures” from the psychiatrist who had him view the Rorschach cards; I’d never download weird-ass pornos but if I was into that sort of thing, my brain would prolly be as full of sexually deviant images as his is.

  4. dannorth says

    Ironically given that the restriction on gay men giving blood stems from the higher prevalence of HIV among gay men in North America bestiality would not be considered a risk factor.

    I give blood in Quebec, Canada, and there is a long list of very personal questions beside male same-sex activities but bestiality is not mentioned because at issue is avoiding blood transmissible diseases not the morality of the donor.

    The last time I gave I noticed that the ban of donor having had male same-sex activities now applied to sexual contacts having occurred within the last five years.

  5. says

    dannorth “I give blood in Quebec, Canada…”
    Canada? Do you know Steve, from Saskatoon?

    Trebuchet “What’s up with this religious right obsession with animal sex?”
    Jealousy. They see all this deviant [and regular] sex that other people are [theoretically] having.

  6. says

    Sex with farm animals is part of the Evangelical lifestyle, but in fairness I should stress that they mostly have sex with opposite gender animals.

  7. says

    Trebuchet (#5) –

    Bradlee Dean has declared that bestiality is taught in NYC public schools. What’s up with this religious right obsession with animal sex? They can’t all have grown up on farms!

    Neal Horsley grew up on a farm. And he did it with animals, by his own admission.


    For those who forget, Horsley was the idiot behind the “Nuremburg files” which incited the murder of several doctors who provided legal abortions.

  8. says

    “but in fairness I should stress that they mostly have sex with opposite gender animals.”

    Which is why does not hear apocryphal tales about, “Stump broke bulls”.

    “It just provides balance, what with necrophilia being part of the straight lifestyle.:

    I do NOT appreciate that sort of “humor”‘; some of my best friends are necros.

  9. felidae says

    One of my college days memories was of a Midwestern farm boy who lived down the hall who bragged of the “stump trained” cow on their family farm–the cow was trained to back up to a stump so one could conveniently fuck it At least it was a bovine female which makes it OK I guess

  10. dingojack says

    Demo – necrophiliac or necrotic?
    ;) Dingo
    If the latter, do they have a tendency to murmur ‘more brains’?

  11. caseloweraz says

    I think this is at bottom a fear of contagion magic — the fear that taking blood from a gay man will make one gay. A similar delusion is that accepting the heart of a convicted killer in a transplant will fill one with murderous intent..

  12. caseloweraz says

    Allow me to put on my Grammar Nazi hat:

    Lively: There is a move to legitimatize this type of blood.

    (Emphasis added.)

    Two spellings of that verb are accepted. The first is “legitimize.” The second is “legitimate.”

    Lively’s error, probably fairly common, is the same kind of thing as that which led to “strategery” and “subliminable.”

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