American Atheists Gets Email

Dave Silverman and Dave Muscato have been on Fox News a couple times recently and that always prompts a deluge of hate mail, which they are kind enough to post on their Facebook page. Here are a few of the recent ones, completely unedited and in all their glory.

“Ha ha , you make me laugh . you know I work with Many Athiests, I find them to be the most uninteresting people , arrogant, pompous, lacking in passion. I will take the company of a uneducated redneck Christian over an Atheist. they are sooo boring. nothing but elitist , intellectual dribble. it is not just about intellect, it is about content of character. Atheism seems to lack this. I have news for you…..Atheism is a religion!!! it is a system of beliefs about God, and it is as arrogant, and totalitarian as any other religion. you are no better then the religions you claim are forcing themselves upon you. you are forcing your beliefs on others……. this makes you just as bad. Atheism is a religion. a world run by Atheists, is a world without imagination, and passion. A dead world. it is you Athiests that need to grow up, in believing that you are the superior life form. its nothing but Smug , elitist arrogance. but you are good for a laugh.” – Steven La Force

Random capitalization? Check. Terrible grammar? Check. Can’t spell “atheist”? Check. Totally oblivious to the fact that he’s being smug and arrogant while accusing others of the same thing? Check.


Ooh, a vague threat and he uses “presents” instead of “presence.” Bravo!

“You make me sick and I feel you should be gathered up, along with your fellow atheists, and removed from MY country!” – Denise Magliochette

“After listening to you on the Factor and I could not be more outraged and angered with you and ALL who feel and act like you. We Christians, don’t give a dam what you think or feel and you have no right telling us how to feel or not feel. As far as I’m concerned, this is my country, a country that was founded on Christian/Judeo beliefs. Is is on our money, our federal buildings, in the constitution, etc, YES religion does cross into government. However it is celebrated by people, as far as getting too far from the religious aspects, is not your concern or your business. If you don’t believe, that is your decision or fault and you do not have the right to tell people in this country what is or isn’t practiced, believed, or needed in the lives of Christians. I hope after people heard you, all of them band together and really express what they think of you and the American Atheists Organization IN PERSON! I certainly would of liked to have been face to face with you……” – Denise Magliochette (she emailed me twice)

Denise, you seem upset. You can’t seem to articulate anything like a coherent reason why, but you’re clearly agitated. I suggest decaf.

“Satan is with you. He is deceiving you. He is leading you all to hell. You must repent now to be saved. You must accept Jesus as your savior. Now” – George Pappas

Wow George, you’re the first person to ever tell them that. I’m sure everyone at the AA office converted immediately upon hearing this.


  1. jba55 says

    “We Christians, don’t give a dam what you think or feel”

    Oh good, Christianity finally picked a spokesperson! Ok, why are you so very upset about what they think and feel if you don’t give a damn about it? Also, why so judgmental, You Christians?

  2. rdmcpeek43 says

    Dange and shid; she can’t even spell her expletives correctly (dam).

    And is is on our money. Who is is? Is is isn’t on my money. Sounds like a Clintonism to me.

    And Stevie No Wonder; isn’t ‘uneducated redneck’ a redundancy?

  3. coffeehound says


    Me too! Those presents are mine! !!!!! !!!

  4. robb says

    well, I am convinced now. gonna convert to christianity. now I just gotta pick which of the 41,000 christian denominations is the right one. hope I don’t get it wrong.

  5. coffeehound says

    @4, I think she’s trying to imply that she’s going to start a movement to stop atheists from having to pay taxes. Stay tuned and keep checking your email. Is is it clar nowe?

  6. hexidecima says

    Selfishness? Check. Thrashing venomous hatred? Check. Ignorance wallowed in? Check. Pure lies spouted again and again, showing that the TrueChristian doesn’t actually believe in his /her own bible? Check.

    Just what we should expect from TrueChristians.

    and poor Denise Magliochette, if she’d like to meet a real live atheist as she claims, I’d be happy to see her face to face. I’m going to comfortably guess that she would never agree to meet with me or anyone. That’s what comes from bullies. Lots of loud talk and attempts to cause fear but nothing else.

  7. jaybee says

    Denise Magliochette has a rather googleable name, and look what I found — her commentary on Chris Rock tweeting on 4th of July “Happy white people’s independence day. I’m sure the slaves enjoyed the fireworks, though” or something like that.

    Excerpt from her comment: “The blacks have suffered no more than many other groups in history, yet they continue to complain constantly, and presently just to get more and more handouts and rights! ”

    I wonder if she is on David Barton’s fact checking committee.

  8. tiredofusernamerules says

    At the risk of sounding like an elitist, it should be “drivel”, not “dribble”.

  9. eamick says

    At the risk of sounding like an elitist, it should be “drivel”, not “dribble”.

    And continuing that theme, it’s “would have liked” or “would’ve liked,” not “would of liked.” That one really annoys me.

  10. John Pieret says

    it is not just about intellect

    Indeed it isn’t Stevie boy. On the other hand, it might nice if you tried it at least sometimes.

  11. mobius says

    …you do not have the right to tell people in this country what is or isn’t practiced, believed, or needed…

    – Denise Magliochette

    I agree. I don’t have such a right, which is why I don’t try to do those things. All I do is present reasoned arguments to support my position.

    But it does appear that Ms. Magliochette thinks that SHE does have such a right…which is just wrong.

  12. Erk12 says


    Did anyone else imagine David Silverman crouching under a Christmas tree with his feet shoved in brightly-wrapped boxes while saying naughty things about Christmas?

  13. says

    Can’t spell “atheist”? Check.

    Actually, to be fair, there were only two misspellings there. And he had 6-7 instances or so in that rant. So, he can spell “atheist,” just apparently not consistently.

  14. says

    @10, 11

    The misuse of “dribble” is one of those tics that really bothers me. And text like the above are pretty much why. “Drivel” isn’t exactly a word common in informal registers …. and its misuse betrays an anti-intellectual trying to sound, well, like a smartypants intallucterel.

    Of course, I am just another jackbooted atheist thug, so who am I to judge? Hey, folks, this sort of thing is scriptural.

  15. freehand says

    I have news for you…..Atheism is a religion!!! … this makes you just as bad.

    Well, damn. Suppose I don’t feel like whining? Do I have to?

    believing that you are the superior life form

    Well, that’s true. I’m not humble enough to believe that the universe was created for me.

  16. brianwestley says

    Ooh, a vague threat and he uses “presents” instead of “presence.” Bravo!

    And if you told him he used a homophone, he’d punch you.

  17. caseloweraz says

    I think Christoph Burschka had the best FB response to the “not in my presents” comment:

    Yeah, I know how that is. The whole family’s just sitting together merrily unwrapping gifts when suddenly, you open a box and an atheist falls out!
    Then they eat all the chocolate and laugh at your pagan rituals and the Fox channel running on TV. That kind of thing can ruin your whole solstice!

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