Dec 16 2013

India Has Wingnut Bigots Too

In the wake of the Supreme Court of India reinstating that nation’t ban on homosexuality, a Hindu guru is promising that he can cure people of being gay with yoga. His arguments will sound very familiar to those of us who criticize the same stupid claims made by the Christian right.

Hours after the Supreme Court upheld that the consensual sex between adults of the same-gender was an offence, yoga guru Baba Ramdev offered to “cure homosexuals” at his Patanjali ashram in Haridwar.

“I invite them to my ashram. Two people belonging to opposite sex will be kept in one room for a few days and they will be cured of homosexuality,” Ramdev told reporters today.

Welcoming the SC ruling, Ramdev said, “The practice of homosexuality is unscientific, unnatural, uncivilised, immoral, irreligious and abnormal.”

“Homosexuality is not genetic. If our parents were homosexuals, then we would not have been born. So it’s unnatural,” he said.

Same ridiculous claims, different country.


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  1. 1

    He’s crazy. Yoga makes you more gay.

    On the plus side, Baba Ramdev is an awesome name.

  2. 2
    Dr X

    The practice of homosexuality is unscientific

    As opposed to scientific sexual practices?

  3. 3

    As opposed to scientific sexual practices?

    Yes. All sex not performed as part of a recognised scientific study (e.g. Masters and Johnson) should be banned. This perfectly reasonable restriction can be justified as having a salutary effect on the employment prospects of sex researchers.

  4. 4

    Oh the response to him is brilliant.

    If our parents were celibate Sadhus then we would not have been born. Being a Sadhu is unnatural.

  5. 5

    So the cure for homoseexuality is to have frequent interactions with straight people? This therapy has already been tried the world over. It’s called “everyday life,” and so far it hasn’t proven very successful.

  6. 6

    Loqi, to be fair, straight people are stupid, smug bastards. No wonder gay people don’t want to be straight after seeing them. Why, driven to rage, I keep on breaking mirrors after seeing one particular stupid, smug bastard looking back at me with his stupid, smug bastard face.

  7. 7

    LOL. I read part of that as “try my assram.”

    Yes. I am twelve years old.

  8. 8

    Oh we have many.
    Here’s the likely future ruling party of India

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