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  1. Michael Heath says

    Brett McCoy writes:

    I picture God, after telling Cain to run and then Cain failing, pointing and doing the ol’ Nelson Muntz laugh: HAW HAWWW!

    I think God’s laughing with Herman Cain, not at him. Re the creepy ads Cain ran in ’12: I hear God loved those.

  2. oranje says

    Well, no wonder. Most of us would be expecting him to run for President. But running for Presedent instead? That takes vision and leadership.

  3. Gvlgeologist, FCD says

    He must have a contract with the Daily Show and the Colbert Report to supply material. That’s the only explanation.

  4. jnorris says

    More than likely. Mr Cain will travel about making speeches to enrich his PAC ala Sarah Palin 2012.

  5. coffeehound says

    Wait is that the same God that Michelle Bachmann used as her consultant? Cause her consultant didn’t work out so well. He may want to get references.

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