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Happy Belated Anniversary to Me

I just realized that I totally forgot that Nov. 26th was the 10 year anniversary of the beginning of Dispatches from the Culture Wars. Yes, I’ve been at this that freaking long. Wanna see my first post? Here it is. Not in a million years did I imagine — could I even have conceived of imagining — that it would turn into this. I am so appreciative of my readers, especially the ones who have stuck around for many years and continue to engage with me. Meet me back here in ten more years!


  1. says

    Drumming up drama to increase your page-hits I see, just like all the other #FTBullies. Happy anniversary — now stop whining about your First-World problems! :-)

  2. daved says

    Happy anniversary, Ed. I note that the linked page has exactly one comment on it — and it’s spam.

  3. lldayo says

    I find it funny that the only comment on your opening post is from a bot. I’ve been reading your blog since the beginning of ’04 and didn’t even realize it’s been this long! Happy anniversary!

  4. Reginald Selkirk says

    Ildayo #3: And what do you have against bots anyway? It won’t be long before the Supreme Court declares them to be persons.

  5. Randomfactor says

    It won’t be long before the Supreme Court declares them to be persons.

    I suspect at least one of the sitting Justices is a ‘bot himself.

  6. imnotspecial says

    Congratulations. Nice to see your intention to do this for another 10 years! I read you faithfully every day if at all possible.

  7. says

    Ten years? Wow. You used to look so vibrant and young. Now you just shuffle around, grumbling. Looking around, everybody here is like that. It’s like a Shriner’s convention, but with loafers instead of little cars.

    If time heals all wounds, what the hell happened?

  8. says



    Wow, that long, huh? I’ve been coming here forever and people STILL think I’m only two years old–silly bloggers!

  9. says

    Happy (Belated) Anniversary, Ed!

    They say the truth will set you free, but first it will make you angry.

    For ten years, you have brought the truth, and it has made people angry. Some because they want to deny it, but most because it has set them free. That freedom is the freedom of knowledge of injustice. We must first know it in order to correct it. To make our society, or world, more just for everyone in it.

    That is what you do. You shine a light onto the dark corners– and sometimes the poorly-lit plazas– where crimes against decency and humanity happen, and we are all the better for it.

    Thank you.

  10. Michael Heath says

    illdayo writes:

    I find it funny that the only comment on your opening post is from a bot.

    I’ve bookmarked dozens of blog posts from ScienceBlogs when Ed was blogging there. In particular the outrageous and voluminous lies told by lance / lancifer regarding climate change along with my debates with heddle. The comment threads were wiped clean at some point after Ed left to start FreeThoughtBlogs.

    Since Ed was blogging prior to joining ScienceBlogs, perhaps that explains why that blog’s 2004 comment post survives. That this blog post was at his prior site and its comment threads survives at ScienceBlogs but not comment posts published at ScienceBlog.

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