Robertson: Muslims Bring Demons Into Your House!

And once again we have Pat Robertson answering viewer questions and saying something incredibly stupid. A woman writes in to say that she booted a young man out of her house after finding out he was Muslim because she “felt an evil presence while cooking in my kitchen.” Robertson, of course, told her she was right to do so.


  1. Melvosh says

    I feel an evil presence on this planet every time Pat Robertson speaks. Can I boot him off my planet?

  2. zero6ix says

    I have written a one act play entitled “Pat’s Usual Routine”

    Scene: (The ROBERTSON ESTATE. Morning. PAT awakes on his huge bed. He rubs his eyes and walks downstairs to have his breakfast.)

    PAT: Is the coffee ready? I have a busy day of spreading the good word, and I need my energy.

    NAMELESS, FACELESS MANSERVANT: The pot was just put on. It’ll be a few minutes.


    Scene:(PAT, having drank his coffee, enters his huge limo to drive to CBN. The limo then enters congestion due to morning rush hour traffic.)

    PAT: CURSE YOU, DEMON OF GRIDLOCK! You only wish to delay me!

    Scene:(PAT arrives at work, and receives the days schedule.)

    NAMELESS, FACELESS INTERN: Don’t forget, you have an interview in three hours for some magazine.

    PAT: That can’t be right! I’m only supposed to count my millions of dollars! Not actually work! CURSE YOU, DEMON OF PRODUCTIVITY!

    (PAT continues to angrily curse demons. Everyone within a hundred foot radius plugs in their headphones and listens to iPods.)


  3. Mr Ed says

    I don’t fault Robertson for saying this I fault his handlers and family for letting him say it in public. With all the stories here lately about Robertson I wouldn’t be surprised to find out he had some dementia. I know it is hard but time to take grandpa’s keys

  4. DaveL says

    she “felt an evil presence while cooking in my kitchen.”

    All I have to say about that is “No matter where you go, there you are.”

  5. freehand says

    “felt an evil presence”

    That’s what my preacher grandpa used to say, but I didn’t have the heart* to tell him it left the room when he did.

    * Or the courage. Hey, I was a kid.

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