Liberty University Releases a Movie

Remember last year when Liberty University was putting out press releases about how thrilled they were to have Erik Estrada on campus filming a movie? Well now that movie, called Uncommon, is being released. It looks like a typical tale of faux persecution against Christians with Estrada as a high school janitor with a heart of gold, taking on the evil atheist school administrators to take a stand for Jesus. Here’s the trailer:

They call Estrada a “Hollywood legend.” And by legend, of course, they mean washed-up has-been who hasn’t had a career in more than three decades. Apparently the guy who played Les Nesman on WKRP in Cincinnati was too busy to take the roll.


  1. colnago80 says

    Well, Estrada was never more then a C list actor to start with but, according to IMDB, he has had plenty of work over the last 20 years, albeit in eminently forgettable venues. In that regard,it’s hard to consider him “washed up” as he was a hasbeen from the getgo.

  2. Mr Ed says

    Equal part High School Musical and persecution complex.

    “This year there will be no theater or choir programs.” Sounds like tax cuts come home to roost. Couldn’t a charity provide these services.

  3. Reginald Selkirk says

    Anglos and Hispanics dancing together, oh my!

    That might be OK in a cesspool of liberalism like Liberty University, but it would never fly at a true bastion of conservative Christianity like Bob Jones University.

  4. Hercules Grytpype-Thynne says

    You’d think they’d have been able to find a role for Kirk Cameron in all of this.

  5. Reginald Selkirk says

    And to think of such goings on at a truly Christian place of higher education like Pensacola Christian College would boggle the mind.

    Most stairwells and elevators on campus are segregated by gender. In the absence of being able to have physical contact, a fad has developed among dating students on campus where couples stare deeply into each other’s eyes. This practice by students is variously called “eye kissing”, or “optical intercourse” and is jokingly called “making eye babies.”

  6. says

    @colnago80 #1 – Ok, I had to look up Estrada’s entry at IMDB. Lots of one-off appearances — quite a lot, actually — mostly in television series that I’ve never heard of. A couple of TV movies I’ve never heard of. Some once-off voice work. He made some movies in the 80s into the very early 90s, none of which seem to have ever hit the big time. Most of his roles seem to be “generic Mexican” although he had a few roles where he played an Italian. Some were just a rehash of his CHiPs fame.

    I think you are being generous to call him a C-list actor: Kathy Griffin has done just as much work, held bigger roles, been a regular on several series, and is herself only a D-lister (at least according to her own reality show. Has Estrada ever been the focus of his own reality show?)

  7. gridlore says

    Estrada has had a pretty amazing career in Mexican telenovellas, but he’s hardly a Hollywood legend.

    Don’t these morons get how stupid claims like that make them look?

  8. tmscott says

    As tsig said the trailer is full of dog whistles, and given the production company, I’m not likely to go see it. But I don’t think that an ad hominem attack aimed a Estrada advances anyone’s argument except Liberty’s.

    Frankly, it’s the kind of tactic I usually expect from them.

  9. Abby Normal says

    Liberty University Releases a Movie

    This movie was being held in a basement at Liberty U for a year, molded and twisted to fit their fantasy vision of a flick. That poor film! Thank goodness it’s been released. Hopefully with the right support, and editing, it can still find a safe and healthy niche out here in the real world.

  10. says

    As the president and founder of the Richard Kinard Sanders, I take offense that you would compare such worthy thespian, to Estrada, who is nothing more than a pitch man for the real estate scam company National Recreational Properties, Inc.

  11. says

    That looks awesome! I saw some Footloose. I saw the Oracle from the Matrix. I saw Frank Poncharello. I saw the beginnings of some bad-ass (and totally real-looking!) fights.

  12. catbutler says

    Shouldn’t be hatin’ on Richard Sanders.
    And that movie looks like the expected steaming turd.

  13. tbp1 says

    I have no particular interest in Erik Estrada, and agree that calling him a “Hollywood legend” is seriously over the top, but come on…acting is a really, really hard profession, and many a fine actor has not the career they deserved, for whatever reason. Moreover, plenty of good actors have had to take roles that are beneath them to pay the bills.

    And how many of us here have ever been in so much as a dog food commercial, let alone starred in a hit series?

    Not saying EE is an Olivier, but he’s managed to make a living in a ridiculously competitive field with way more actors looking for jobs than jobs available. I think that’s worthy of at least a little respect.

    But OK, Kirk Cameron is fair game, but only because he turned into such a self-righteous prig, not because of his acting career.

  14. zero6ix says

    What the hell kind of good christian high school is this attempting to portray? Who is the audience for this vehicle? I figure the students would be trilled with the cutting of liberal drama classes and lame choir practice. That just means more money for the FOOTBALL TEAM!

  15. caseloweraz says

    @Reginald Selkirk (#6):

    I begin to understand why the story about the man auctioning the alleged toenails of Jesus was unsurprised to find him living in Florida.

  16. iknklast says

    But I don’t think that an ad hominem attack aimed a Estrada advances anyone’s argument except Liberty’s

    I don’t think this qualifies as an ad hominem attach, since the trailer was referring to him as a Hollywood Legend. It is perfectly acceptable to dispute that contention.

  17. says

    Oh, yes. That good old fundie alternate universe where Christians are the downtrodden, put-upon minority whose rights are trampled on a daily basis.
    I’m surprised the bad guy school officials weren’t Muslim or Buddhist, or at least those not-real-Christian Catholics. Oh, yeah, in America atheists are less trusted than all of those groups.

  18. Michael Heath says

    Ed writes:

    . . . by legend, of course, they mean washed-up has-been who hasn’t had a career in more than three decades [Erik Estrada]. Apparently the guy who played Les Nesman on WKRP in Cincinnati was too busy to take the roll.

    Funny, but a point of difference is that the actor who played Les Nessman nailed the character. Not so Mr. Estrada or his partner.

  19. colnago80 says

    Re tbp1 @ #14

    Erik Estrada was an actor of modest talent to say the least who got by on his pretty boy looks.

  20. demonhauntedworld says

    Correction – the URL they give in the trailer is wrong. The actual URL is

  21. cry4turtles says

    re#14 tpb1, when a 4year old can do your job, it’s not so hard (think Huxtables, Olsen twins). I’d like to see a 4 year old lay bricks, drive a snow truck, administrator medications, teach a classroom, etc. I always thought stage acting would be hard, but my nephew, who acted throughout high school and college said it’s so easy, he chose a challenging career instead- Le proffessor De la Francais!

  22. DaveL says

    Do you think they felt any twinge of irony in the fact that their movie about Christian persecution is a work of complete fiction?

  23. imthegenieicandoanything says

    “Apparently the guy who played Les Nesman on WKRP in Cincinnati was too busy to take the roll.”

    What roll is this? The breakfast roll? The dinner roll? Or maybe a roll call?

  24. says

    Oh, for fuck’s sake. An ‘ad hominem’ is a fallacious *ARGUMENT* that one provides in which one attempts to refute another argument or position not by attacking that argument or position but by attacking the person who is making that argument.

    Please, please, PLEASE stop saying “ad hominem” when you really just mean “personal attack” or “insult.” I’ve noticed that this is a big problem in the skeptical community: that is, calling a statement out on committing the fallacy of x and then not saying how the statement is an example of said fallacy. Ed is not trying to discredit an argument that Estrada is making; he is merely insulting Estrada.

    That being said, I agree that the *attack* was unnecessary and more than a bit mean.

  25. tbp1 says


    Erik Estrada was an actor of modest talent to say the least who got by on his pretty boy looks.

    Not even saying you’re wrong; I just don’t see that he’s done anything to merit the kind of contempt I see here.

    He’s an actor, doing the best he can with what he has. That takes guts and perseverance, regardless of your opinion of his talent.

  26. says

    Pointing out that Liberty is inflating the credentials of Estrada is not an ad hominem. It’s pointing out that Liberty is lying. Whatever else Estrada may be, he’s not a Hollywood legend. His only notable role was in television.

    Also, Erik Fucking Estrada. You’re not a Real American if you don’t point and laugh.

  27. coffeehound says

    @ 33,

    Mat Staver is playing himself!

    They couldn’t force anyone else to take the part.

  28. gmacs says

    AAAAAGH! There was better acting in my middle school. Owowowowowow! It’s almost as bad as “The Innocence of Muslims” voice-overs.

    I know why they’re stoked about Estrada. This shit is beneath even him.

    By the way, I like the implication that secular teachers are “cleaning minds” of students, but Sunday school and teaching strict morality based on an ancient book… Freedom!

  29. dan4 says

    “…to busy to take the roll.”

    Sweet Jesus, Mr. Brayton, you really need to proofread your posts.

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