The Ultimate Filibuster Hypocrisy

There’s plenty of hypocrisy on both sides of the political divide over judicial filibusters, but none so shameless and blatant as the Judicial Confirmation Network, now known as the Judicial Crisis Network. As the original name suggests, JCN was created specifically to get judges confirmed — but that was when Bush was the president. Once Obama was nominated, they changed their name and their focus.
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Bishop Paprocki’s ‘Exorcism’ Ritual

As reported last week, Catholic Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Illinois held a special exorcism ceremony at the same time that Gov. Pat Quinn was signing into law a bill that recognizes same-sex marriages in that state. ThinkProgress has some details on what Paprocki said during his sermon at that ceremony, like how this was just a “minor exorcism.”
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Conservative Foreign Policy: Chicken Hawks and Chicken Littles

The predictable conservative reaction to the Obama administration’s negotiations with Iran reminds us yet again that right wing rhetoric never really changes. Just like we are always on the verge of being taken over by the UN or China and perpetually at risk of being overrun by immigrants (fear and xenophobia being their primary currency), every single negotiated settlement to any foreign policy problem is the death of the country as well.
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The Militarization of Law Enforcement Continues

Now that the Iraq war has ended and the Afghanistan war is winding down, the Pentagon has lots of surplus equipment and they’re ready to unload it on local police departments. Because every sheriff’s department should have IED-resistant armored personnel carriers with machine guns mounted on them.
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Lenski’s Amazing E. Coli Experiment Continues

25 years ago, Dr. Richard Lenski of Michigan State University began an ingenious experiment on E. coli bacteria that is still going and giving us a much deeper understanding of how evolution operates. Ars Technica has an article on the latest published findings, but let me first explain how the experiment was set up.
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Scarborough’s Hypocrisy on Hypocrisy

There are few things more amusing in politics than when someone accuses a political opponent of being a hypocrite on the very same issue on which they are being a hypocrite. Wingnut preacher Rick Scarborough does this over the filibuster issue, accusing President Obama of being hypocritical (and he is) while ignoring the log in his own eye.
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Farah: Failed Klayman Rally a ‘Show of Force’

Funniest thing I’ve read yet on Larry Klayman’s failed “second American revolution” rally, from Joseph Farah:

Yesterday, for the first time, hundreds rallied near the White House to make the case for what amounts to a second American revolution through a show of force by the American people.

Uh, Joe. Your own publication estimated the crowd at 200. Others who were there say more like 100. Klayman said “millions” were going to show up. You yourself said a few week ago that “millions of tea-party activists are just waiting, like me, for an invitation to come to Washington to show the world some Americans still care about the principles upon which the nation was founded.” Klayman sent that invitation. So did you. And you drew a massive crowd of tens of people. Only on Planet Wingnuttia is that a “show of force.”

Barton Defends His Dangerous PTSD Nonsense

A couple weeks ago, pseudo-historian fraud David Barton joined televangelist fraud Kenneth Copeland to tell veterans that they can’t have real PTSD because the Bible says they are heroes and ministers of God. After taking a lot of heat, Barton has released a statement defending himself. It’s typical Barton, where he just pretends that the criticism is coming from evil liberals and therefore is invalid. Oh, and he loves the troops, so they’re totally taking things out of context.
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