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Rush, Garrow Want Obama Executed For Their Delusions

Eric Rush and Jim Garrow continue to spout their bizarre theory that President Obama tried to nuke the United States before being stopped by three military leaders. They even claim that the Iran agreement is an attempt to distract attention from that “fact” because Americans were catching on to their delusions. Read more

Looking At Another Klayman Rally Speaker

Larry Klayman’s failed “second American revolution” rally had nearly as many speakers as it did attendees, including some of the most extreme and ridiculous figures on the far right. Right Wing Watch takes a look at one of them, Thomas Robert Lacovara-Stewart, one of the “Oathkeepers” with a website that is chock full of bizarre conspiracy theories. A few examples: Read more

Post-Mortem Debunking of Sylvia Browne’s Fraud

The Skeptical Inquirer has a pair of articles looking at the overwhelming evidence that the recently deceased Sylvia Browne was a con artist getting rich by fleecing the credulous. Bryan Farha tells the tale of how he exposed both her lies and her fraud: Read more

American Atheists Challenges IRS Religious Preferences

The Freedom From Religion Foundation won a very important lawsuit this week against the parsonage tax exemption for churches, with their argument being that because it applies only to Christian churches, it is a special benefit for churches and thus unconstitutional. American Atheists has a similar suit going on another case of disparate treatment, the lower reporting requirements for churches under section 501(c) of the IRS code. Kimberly Winston writes about that case at Religion News Service. Read more

Klayman, WND Lose Another Court Ruling

Remember that absurd lawsuit filed by the Worldnetdaily against Esquire over a parody article making fun of their birther obsessions? The district court dismissed the case, in which they are represented by Larry Klayman and now the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld that ruling. And look who the judges were that ruled against them: Read more