Dean: Liberals Belong in Prison

Bradlee Dean’s usual cavalcade of stupidity on his radio show produced this breathtakingly idiotic diatribe about how liberals belong in prison because, with the free food and medical care and no guns for anyone but the government, it’s a socialist utopia.

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  1. cptdoom:

    Actually the real socialist utopia is a military base. Everyone works for the government, the government subsidies all the commodity prices, there’s free health care and education for all, no homeless people, little litter and the gap between the richest and poorest in the community is relatively small, for US standards.

  2. magistramarla:

    What do you want to bet that both Beck and Limbaugh will use this same rant very soon?

  3. holytape:

    Well, the shouldn’t all conservatives go to Somali ? Not government, no welfare programs and lots and lots of guns. Shouldn’t it be a conservative paradise?

  4. Randomfactor:

    Even if it WERE a socialist utopia, it’d be a LEGAL one. No corpus delicti.

  5. Chiroptera:

    With majorities supporting the programs Dean hates, we’ll need a big prison to hold them all. Maybe Dean can build a fence around his property and declare everything on the other side a prison?

  6. Drew:


    No everything outside would be the asylum and he could rename himself “Wonko the Sane”

  7. Nemo:

    I actually don’t want the government to have guns, either.

  8. had3:

    And lots of same sex relationships.

  9. bahrfeldt:

    Cptdoom @ 1- I tried to explain that to a chief bossuns mate 43 years ago. To each according to his needs, from each according to his abilities, etc. It failed to go over well.

  10. dan4:

    @7 Yeah, let’s leave government agents like the FBI who go after dangerous criminals without any guns to defend themselves.

  11. Nemo:

    @10 Remember, we’re talking about utopia.

  12. dan4:

    11: “Humor” for sociopaths.

  13. Chris from Europe:

    Why are you here?

  14. dingojack:

    Do you mean why is Dan here on Freethoughtblogs, or in the world generally?
    ;) Dingo

  15. wildmanofwongo:


    I don’t think the majority of US conservatives would be all that happy in a country where most of the other people toting machine guns were black.

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