Daubenmire Finds Demonic Spirits Running the Country

Gordon Klingenschmitt isn’t the only wingnut who thinks he can identify the work of “demons” (whatever the hell that is) in every situation where he doesn’t like something. “Coach” Dave Daubenmire thinks there are demons at work in Washington, DC, which he delivers in his usual shouty manner. Maybe he should compare secret demon decoder rings with Gordo.



  1. jnorris says

    They have a nice little scam going. I am sure they will be blessed someday with good 7 figure mega-church salaries.

  2. noe1951 says

    I know you won’t believe me, because you doubt anything supernatural – but I discern the DEMON OF LOUD AND SHOUTING in both these men. (snark off)

  3. lldayo says

    I’m at work so I can’t watch the video but what are the odds one of the demons he’s talking about is of the “dark” variety?

  4. Pierce R. Butler says

    Does Daubenmire have his own little ugly studio, or does the poor bastard actually live amid that ghastly gray paneling?

    Either way, no doubt he would kill before allowing a … decorator … into his space.

  5. freehand says

    Yeah, half my family sees demons lurking in every shadow. They think they believe they will spend eternity in church, telling God how awesome he is, yet they fear every leaf blown by the wind, and every stray child’s joyful laugh. They are struck dumb with terror at a young person’s delight in moving and touching.

    I went to a party while in the Army many years back. One fella shouted at everyone, although his words and manner indicated that he wasn’t angry. I’m a drill sergeant,” he explained.I’m in the habit of shouting and I can’t seem to tone it down, even when I’m relaxing.

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