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How Belief in Satan Affects the World

Surveys show that a staggering percentage of Americans believe in a literal Satan, and even more believe in the idea of a sort of disembodied evil. Piercarlo Valdesolo at Scientific American looks at some psychological research on how those beliefs affect our views on other issues. Read more

Cheney’s Iraq War Rationalizations

Dick Cheney appeared on Bill O’Reilly’s show on Fox News the other day and was asked to justify the Iraq war. After well over a million dollars spent, hundreds of thousands dead and millions of refugees created, what did we actually get out of it? His answer shows just how irrational we can be when justifying out choices. Read more

The Pathfinders Depart Uganda

Our four young Pathfinders’ time at the Kasese Humanist Primary School in Uganda has come to an end and Conor Robinson, the leader of the entire project, writes about all they learned and experience in their weeks there. It’s really quite an incredible story. Read more

Why the Right to Counsel is Not Enough

I’ve written many times about the pathetic excuse for a public defender system we have in this country, one in which justice is not even hypothetically possible, much less real on a practical level. The New Jersey Supreme Court has now said that as long as there is a warm-blooded person standing at the attorney’s table, that’s enough for justice to be done. Read more

Should You Court Your Friends?

Ann Friedman has a fascinating article in New York magazine about why it’s smart to court your friends, to make a deliberate effort to “woo” the right kind of people — which will change for each of us, of course — into being our friends just as we would a romantic interest. Speaking of a friend who courted her in this sense, she says: Read more