Beck’s Got a New NFL Conspiracy

Leave it to Glenn Beck, super genius, to find a conspiracy in the current controversy over the Washington Redskins mascot. It’s all because Dan Snyder, the owner of the Redskins, donates a lot of money to Republican causes and candidates. And the fact that nearly all NFL owners do that is just the kind of “fact” that a liberal socialist Muslim Kenyan like you would throw out to cast doubt upon his brilliant theory.

When Beck and co-host Stu Burguiere discovered that 97% of the donations made by people affiliated with the Washington Redskins went to the GOP, they knew immediately that this was the reason the team is currently at the center of a debate over whether the term “Redskins” is offensive.

“Oh my gosh!” Beck marveled. “Follow the money.”

“I will bet you that is to send a message,” he said, claiming that the Redskins are being tortured and having their right to free speech violated by vindictive political operatives.

I bet George Soros is behind the whole thing. And Saul Alinsky too, even though he’s dead.


  1. Trebuchet says

    The NFL, of course, is also conspiring against Tim Tebow because he’s apparently the only Christian in the league. Just ask Phyllis Schlaffley’s demented son Andy.

  2. John Pieret says

    Out of nowhere …

    Gee, I remember in the 70s and 80s, when Native American rights was a much hotter topic than it is today, a lot more criticism of the Redskins team name.

    Oh, sorry, I was mistaking the wingnuts for people who respected history and wanted to make rational arguments.

    And, once again, criticizing someone is an attempt to silence free speech because … well, you know, wingnuts never criticize anyone.

  3. Michael Heath says

    Well, this is an informative tidbit. It illustrates how the GOP, which has become the party for racists who are most able to promote racism in the U.S., acts out its racism.

  4. blf says

    As the NY Times pointed out a few days ago, FSU (Florida State University) and the Seminole nation (in Florida) have worked together to use Seminole-inspired symbolism in an honourable manner.

    (Outside USAlienstan, so have the Maroi in New Zealand with Rugby Union (as one example).)

  5. colnago80 says

    Anybody who has watched his leadership of the Deadskins knows that Danial Snyder is a fuckken asshole. His “leadership” harkens back to the old days of racist ratfuckker George Preston Marshall, the former owner.

  6. lorn says

    Sooo … a racially tone deaf team owner contributes more money to the GOP than the Democratic party …

    Color me shocked, shocked I tell you … NOT.

    If they had contributed more to the Democrats than the GOP that would be news. But the other way round? Not so much. It is entirely routine for racists to contribute heavily to the GOP. The general rule is: Most racists are Republicans but not all Republicans are racists.

    Beck mangling the logic of both the events and dynamics … that also is so routine as to be a non-event. He, and his ilk, have made careers getting everything wrong. If anyone finds a way to extract power from stupid Beck could power the grids of several major nations. Assuming all the energy didn’t come out all at once and blow us all up.

  7. blf says

    I was not aware that there was an NFL team called the Washington Powhatans.

    Huh? What? Sorry, I am mystified…

    My best guess is you are trying to draw a distinction between the generally-seen-as-insulting name “redskins” and one of the local nations. Fair point.

  8. haitied says

    “Redskins are being tortured and having their right to free speech violated by vindictive political operatives.” I feel such a cringey pinch in my chest when I point this out but This has been the status quo for hundreds of years.

  9. says

    “Redskins” was recognized as a derogatory term long before the NFL. A reasonable analogy would be the New Jersey Pale Faces or the Boston Slant Eyes.

    I don’t see how anyone should have a problem with the Seminoles (I mean the name — the team can rot in hell). The Indians is more borderline, but if they would just get rid of that awful mascot, I think they’d be in the clear.

  10. says

    “If they had contributed more to the Democrats than the GOP that would be news.”

    And Beck would just as easily craft a conspiracy theory out of that too. Surely, Snyder was donating to the Democrats because Obama blackmailed him by threatening to shut down his team.

  11. says

    “Oh my gosh!” Beck marveled. “Follow the money.”

    Yeah, follow the money. It goes from Dan Snyder to the Republican Party. OBAMA DID IT.

  12. lpetrich says

    Why not the DC Senators? That would be a good DC-themed team name. Several teams in the past have used it, and is there one at present using it?

  13. StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return! says

    A conspiracy theory? Glenn Beck?


    Surely not! ;-)

  14. jakc says

    At area Man. Washington Niggers would be the closer analogy. I went to a high school that was about 20% Lakota, and the difference between Redskins and Indians as names is that redskin has always been a derogatory name. An insulting name is not the worst of problems – the majority of the twenty poorest counties in the US are majorityAmerican Indian/Native Alaskan – but the continued use of the name Redskins is just eemblematic of how American Indians are ignored in this country. Even worse, the comments from Snyder and others that the name is a tribute

  15. freehand says

    Area Man: “Redskins” was recognized as a derogatory term long before the NFL. A reasonable analogy would be the New Jersey Pale Faces or the Boston Slant Eyes. “

    There is a difference. As a pale face from New Jersey I feel no emotional response to “pale face”, “honky”, “Kraut”(German American, here), or similar terms. I’m sure it has something to do with growing up without hearing a teacher mutter “What do you expect from a pale face” or “stop running around like a wild honky” or “Krauts can’t hold their liquor” etc. Yosemite Sam doesn’t bother me, either, but some of the other old Warner Brothers characters make me wince.

    I’m going to guess that Scandinavian Americans aren’t all that upset by Viking mascots, either.

    If we USAians treated each other right in everyday life, we could probably use all the stupid mascots we wanted to.

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