Pratt: Obamacare Leads to Concentration Camps!

Larry Pratt, the utterly deranged leader of Gun Owners of America, the group that thinks the NRA are too liberal, FFS, delivered one of his usual hysterical and delusional diatribes on Stan Solomon’s radio show, saying that Obamacare is going to take away everyone’s guns (WTF?) and lead to Nazi concentration camps.

Responding to Solomon’s claim that “the Obama administration is working to disarm every veteran” and will use Obamacare to “literally take away the rights of every American to have a firearm,” Pratt alleged that the administration is spearheading “backdoor gun control.”

“They are doing it to the whole country, they field tested it on veterans, and now it’s the whole country,” Pratt said. “We are looking at a major assault on the right to keep and bear arms, it is reminiscent of Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, where they used doctors as part of their torture routines and got people sent to the camps for improvement of their mental health.”

Many years ago I had the opportunity to have a radio show on the Genesis Communications Network, which broadcasts Alex Jones’ show. My friend Jim Babka had a show on the network and I had appeared on it both as a guest (that was the show on which I debated Larry Klayman about the Terri Schiavo situation) and as a guest host. He decided to end the show and asked if I would like to take it over. I said no, primarily because one of the primary sponsors of the network was Gun Owners of America and they actually played these daily updates from Pratt making all sorts of unhinged claims about things. The rest of the sponsors were either for buying gold or survival supplies. I didn’t want a show with those kinds of commercials playing or to be associated with Pratt in any way. This is exactly why. Even by wingnut standards, this guy is on the outer fringe.


  1. dugglebogey says

    I first read that head line as “Obamacare Leads to Conception Camps!”

    Which you have to admit would be much more interesting.

  2. says

    Pratt alleged that the administration is spearheading “backdoor gun control.”

    What is a backdoor gun? Sounds uncomfortable. Maybe we should control those.

  3. exdrone says

    So let’s meet halfway. If you agree to relocate voluntarily to the concentration camps, we’ll let you keep your guns. We’ll even install rifle racks. Of course, we also need to agree that there is no constitutional right to owning ammunition.

  4. jnorris says

    I know some veterans and non-veterans who still have their guns (including me). Some have even bought more guns after Pres Obama was elected the first time. Obviously the government messed up on the first and second go-arounds of gun taking. Does anyone know who i should report them to so we can have their guns taken away?

  5. Hercules Grytpype-Thynne says

    Yes, Obama is working to disarm every American, zero guns at a time.

    It’s a slow process.

  6. caseloweraz says

    I can see two possibilities for the meaning of “backdoor gun control.” Either Larry Pratt anticipates the government agents coming in the back door while patriots are guarding the front door, anticipating that ominous knock, or — what’s more likely — he means a law even less direct than the proposed measure to expand background checks, which cleverly stated that it prohibited registration of guns. Ah, but that was just a distraction; it didn’t prohibit confiscation of guns, did it?

    So by this second meaning, Pratt foresees the immensely more dastardly deceptiveness of laws that order gun confiscation by discussing totally different subjects like health, and never mention the words “gun” or “firearm” at all.

  7. dingojack says

    Obama: I am passing legislation to give puppies and unicorns to every American.
    Pratt: IT’S A COOK BOOK!!!eleventy!!

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