Virginia Voter Purge List Highly Inaccurate

A voter purge list sent out to all counties by state officials of alleged out-of-state voters turns out to be highly inaccurate. One county election registrar examined a list of 1000 names and found 170 incorrect entries. If they use that list to purge the county’s Qualified Voter File, those people will be denied the right to vote.

In Chesterfield County, Registrar Lawrence C. Haake III said that in the list of the more than 2,200 active and inactive voters he was told to purge, a preliminary examination revealed more than 170 errors among about 1,000 active voters.

Haake, a Republican who provided a statement included in the memorandum filed by the Democratic Party, said the purge list included voters whose out-of-state registration data were 10 years older than more recent, valid registration and voting history in Virginia.

“If I can find a 17 percent error rate among 1,000, what am I going to find when I start digging?” Haake said.

Haake said he concluded there was not enough time before the Nov. 5 election to correctly review the list and weed out the registrations that should be purged from those that should be preserved.

The Democratic Party in Virginia have filed suit to prevent this purge from happening. Haake is a Republican but has the integrity not to want to violate anyone’s right to vote. This has long been the modus operandi of Republican election officials. In 2008, Michigan Sec. of State Terri Lynn Land tried the same thing, sending out a voter purge list a few weeks before an election and demanding that county clerks remove everyone on the list from the voter rolls. A federal judge ruled that she had violated federal law in doing so.


  1. says

    “If I can find a 17 percent error rate among 1,000, what am I going to find when I start digging?” Haake said.

    Sure, he found 17% who are so-called “okay” to vote, but that still leaves 83% who are not! And did his preliminary check even look to see if any of those 17% are in college or “urban”*?

    * *wink wink*

  2. says

    There’s a LOT of Republicans defecting from the statewide ticket this year — like the mayors of Cheseapeake and Virginia Beach, who have endorsed Democrat McAuliffe on TV. Right now it’s looking like if any Republicans are going to rescue their party from theocratic extremism, it’ll be the ones in Virginia.

    Last night I heard that Ken Kookinelli was behind by about 5% in the polls. I’m praying to Apollo and Athena for this trend to continue.

  3. colnago80 says

    Re Raging Bee @ #2

    Koo koo Ken isn’t being helped by the ongoing scandals of the McDonnell administration or his lieutenant governor running mate Jackson who is even kookier then he is. By the way, the Rethuglican candidate for Attorney General is a pretty good koo koo bird himself. As a member of the legislature, he endorsed a bill that would require the state police to investigate all miscarriages occurring in the state.

  4. unbound says

    My county tried to refuse, but was told to proceed. They ended up compromising in that our registrar will only purge those she is certain of living in other states, but will be allowed time to review the remaining.

    Multiple other counties in Virginia are complying without hesitation (e.g. Fairfax, Prince William). Even if Democrats get a judge to halt the purges, who knows how many people have already been purged.

  5. colnago80 says

    Considering that Fairfax is now substantially Democratic, I’m surprised they are complying.

  6. abb3w says

    Voters in Virginia who have internet access can verify their status using the tool here, or by contacting the voting official for the district as indicated here.

    However, poor voters may not be able to do that as easily as I just did.

  7. left0ver1under says

    I’ve said it before: the only reason the republicans do “voter purgers” immediately before an election is to remove people who might vote against them. If they were concerned about accurate voting lists, they would be pushing for them a year or more before an election.

  8. exdrone says

    But isn’t a 17% error rate an acceptable price to pay in order to prevent the three fraudulent voters from casting their votes and finally getting rid of ACORN?

  9. wscott says

    Haake is a Republican but has the integrity not to want to violate anyone’s right to vote.

    Freakin RINO. ;)

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