Oct 12 2013

Glenn Beck Gets His Dander Up

There are few things funnier than when Glenn Beck gets his undies in a bunch and starts yelling and screaming into the microphone. He went off on one of his classic rants, literally screaming about Obama’s “Marxist propaganda bullcrap.”


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  1. 1

    I think Reagan was one of the worst for selective enforcement of laws much to the detriment of the environment and public lands and minorities. Beck, the hypocrisy, it burns.

  2. 2
    congenital cynic

    Why anyone listens to this pathetic gasbag is beyond me. It’s just theatre, and poorly done theatre at that. And he’s just one of way too many of his ilk that you have on the air in the US.

  3. 3

    OT but courtesy of Jerry Coyne, here’s an egregious example of a 1st Amendment violation in Montgomery, Al


  4. 4

    One, quick, stupid question–why are the right wingers so upset about Obama not enforcing a law they hate?

  5. 5
    Gregory in Seattle

    Wait a minute. Beck got his dander up AND got his panties in a bunch? Please tell me these occurrences are not related.

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