Hewitt Wins His Own Award

Like me, Andrew Sullivan gives out awards named after people (in fact, I stole the idea from him). One of them is the Hewitt Award, named after Hugh Hewitt, and is given for “the most egregious attempts to label Barack Obama as un-American, alien, treasonous, and far out of the mainstream of American life and politics.” And like Bryan Fischer on this blog, he’s now won his own award for this inane statement:

“President Obama will negotiate with the Syrian butcher Assad and erase his red line, will capitulate to Vladimir Putin, and he will negotiate with the happy face of the killer regime in Iran, President Rouhani, but not with Republicans over issues all presidents have always negotiated over.”

Sullivan nails the dishonesty of this statement:

It’s worth noting Hewitt’s constant lies. What president has ever “negotiated” repealing a duly enacted law because one faction in one House has decided that it will shut down the government and destroy the US and global economy if he doesn’t? When has such a thing ever happened before? What are the Republicans offering in return? Nothing but the maintenance of basic government functions…

Hewitt is not a fool, just one of the most shame-free liars and propagandists in the public arena.

Indeed he is. And there are lots of people just like him.


  1. bahrfeldt says

    I thought the reich wing liked Putin. I mean, anti-gay, anti- free speech for liberals, allied with the theocrats of the dominant church, way fewer blacks and latinos, no longer a commie. What’s not to love?

  2. zero6ix says

    If the right wants negotiation, they need to start taking actual hostages. Give us a reason to want to talk you down, as opposed to holding your breath until you turn blue.

  3. says

    Michael Heath “It’s also a lie that the Democrats are not negotiating with the GOP. Andrew Sullivan put a graph up yesterday that noted Obama’s FY2014 budget proposal…”
    Wrong. The Democrats never compromise. Clearly this is a trick by the trickster Obama to make the GOP look bad in the eyes of Americans. Ergo, the Tea Party has no choice but dig in its heels and insists that Obama come back to the table to negotiate, starting with his last set of compromises as the new baseline.

  4. blf says

    Give us a reason to want to talk you down, as opposed to holding your breath until you turn blue.

    Indeed. As I put it over on PeeZed’s blog “I am giggling hysterically over the thugs kamikaze death dive in a leaky obsolete blimp aiming at a fleet that isn’t there to attack themselves.”

  5. gerryl says

    Shameful admission: I once sat in the lobby of Hugh Hewitt’s office.
    I was visiting my brother in SoCal. He needed to go to a meeting with someone at Hewitt’s office before taking me to the airport. So he took me along and had me wait there for him. (He thought that would be amusing.) The receptionist offered me water. I declined.

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