Matt Barber and ‘Biological Reality’

The AFL-CIO recently amended its mission statement to add the following statement: “To encourage all workers without regard to race, creed, color, sex, national origin, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression to share equally in the full benefits of union organization.” Naturally, the wingnuts are clutching their pearls.

Matt Barber, vice president of Liberty Counsel Action, tells OneNewsNow that that creates a dilemma for the majority of the union’s members, forcing them “to endorse a delusion.”

“Nobody is advocating that people who suffer from gender confusion be discriminated against willy-nilly,” he offers, “but certainly people who have traditional values and people who recognize biological reality should not be compelled to entertain an irrefutable biological delusion.”

Leaving aside the idiotic claim that merely saying that transgender people should be allowed to join unions is somehow “forcing” anyone to do anything, the notion that Matt Barber has even the slightest grasp of “biological reality” is utterly laughable. A man who rejects evolution is arguing for “biological reality.” A man who thinks that there are only two clear and obvious genders is arguing for “biological reality.”

The biological reality is that some people simply do not fit into that binary. There’s a whole range of variations between and outside of those two things. For most of us, gender and sexuality is a relatively easy matter. For others, it’s not. And the last thing those people need is to be told by ignorant bigots like Matt Barber that they’re just imagining it and that if they just prayed a lot, it would go away.


  1. theguy says

    It’s completely ridiculous for fundies to accuse anybody else of believing in a “delusion” or something “imaginary.”

    These wingnuts want to pretend their lies are Truth (with a capital T) so they tell more homophobic lies to pretend that gay people are pretending and lying.

    The fundies’ lies are a house of cards, but they’re too stupid to realize it.

  2. matty1 says

    OK so add ‘biological’ to the list of types of reality Matt Barber is not familiar with, how many is that now eleventy squillion?

  3. a miasma of incandescent plasma says

    Long sigh – I guess I have to explain this to you too..

    ‘Cuz – biology includes the “kinds” of things seen from the outside only – like how monkeys don’t give birth to cat “kinds” and that pee-pees and va-jay-jays are different “kinds” of things for me to giggly point at with a red face.

    But the brain?! Pufft! You evilutionists give away the lie in the name – “Theory of Mind”?! – See It’s just a “Theory”!!1ScareQuotesElebenty@%%%

    You’d know this if you lived in biologicalized reality.

  4. rabbitscribe says

    Nobody is advocating that people who suffer from supernaturalistic delusions be discriminated against willy-nilly. But certainly people who have reasonable values and people who recognize historical realities should not be compelled to entertain an irrefutable material impossibility.

  5. DaveL says

    Let’s say someone actually were suffering from an actual delusion. Like say, that Kathy Lee Gifford were sneaking into their pantry at night and adulterating their cornflakes.

    Why should that affect this person’s ability to share equally in the benefits of organized labor? Does this make them automatically less deserving of fair compensation for work performed? Or a safe work environment? Or protection from abusive or capricious management?

  6. freethinkercro says

    Of course, the wing nuts also think that collective bargaining is delusional. They don’t give a d@#n about union workers.

  7. Abby Normal says

    The other day I had a toothache. So I went to my dentist and sure enough I had a cavity. He drilled and filled it. Now, I’m much happier. I see nothing wrong with overcoming biological reality to make my life better. And I don’t see why anyone else should give a damn about my choice.

  8. exdrone says

    Ahem! You people are holding up the conservative agenda here. We need to move beyond dismissing equality for people with gender confusion because “national origin” is also in the credo and we have get on with disenfranchising immigrants too. So move it along please.

  9. caseloweraz says

    Barber: “…but certainly people who have traditional values and people who recognize biological reality should not be compelled to entertain an irrefutable biological delusion.”

    Um… If it’s irrefutable, it isn’t a delusion.

  10. beardymcviking says

    “Nobody is advocating that people who suffer from gender confusion be discriminated against willy-nilly,”

    Heheh, he said *willy*! Seriously though, I don’t think he’s suggesting that. I think he’d have a list of very specific ways he’d like to discriminate against them.

    Gender, like so many things, just isn’t as simple as Barber and his ilk would like to pretend it is.

  11. dogmeat says

    Dave Hart @4

    Aside, but aren’t ‘color’ and ‘religion’ already covered by ‘race’ and ‘creed’? Sounds a bit redundant to me.

    Actually there are a couple of gray areas when it comes to both. For example, is a white Hispanic white, or an Hispanic? Somewhat same thing, while many would use the term religion and creed interchangeably, the one is a bit more precise and a little more limiting. Really, I would argue that it’s an attempt at covering more bases to avoid someone claiming that someone else doesn’t qualify because they don’t qualify according to their own little definition of a group that should be protected. For a lot of people who want to discriminate, the 9th amendment approach to recognizing rights doesn’t work, you have to list each and every person from the dames to the queers, to the injuns, you know, those casino guys, to the gooks, to the Jews… (/sarcasm)

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