Wildmon: America ‘In Rebellion to God’

Tim Wildmon, president of the American Family Association, says in this video that America is “a culture in rebellion to God.” And he’s right. The moment we allowed people to believe in another religion, we were “in rebellion to God.” The moment the constitution was passed, we were “in rebellion to God.” Indeed, the moment we revolted against King George, according to Romans, we were “in rebellion to God.” He says that like it’s a bad thing.


  1. says

    Everything anyone does that this lot don’t like is, by definition, “rebellion against God.” And in their eyes, “rebellion against God” is the most orrible evil act anyone can commit in God’s Universe. It’s nothing more than the worldview of a small child, dressed up as a religion.

  2. machintelligence says

    And note that God (amazingly) always agrees with them. It would be so cool if there were a revelation from God that said “I made them that way, now leave them alone!”

  3. unbound says

    @3 – I will be amazed when God finally tells them that they were wrong, and they need to change their ways. Pretty sure there were no such revelations to the “pious” after women were finally allowed to vote and when mixed marriages were allowed. Most of them just seem to suddenly drop it.

  4. freehand says

    TxSkeptic In rebellion to god … is that something like shadow boxing?

    Nope. In shadow boxing, you’re learning real skills.

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