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The Wonders of Get Tall 1000

On Wednesday night, my friend Dr. Greg Forbes gave a talk to CFI Michigan about alternative medicine and all the absurd and unproven claims found in supplements and “homeopathic” medicine. He had us all cracking up when he brought up a product called Get Tall 1000, which actually claims to make you taller — with a 110% guarantee! This is seriously funny and has all the hallmarks of a mediscam. I’ve bolded all of the weasel words and meaningless bullshit in the ad: Read more

Bauer’s Attempt to Coopt MLK

Add Gary Bauer to the long list of wingnuts working hard to pretend that Martin Luther King would agree with him if he were alive today. Specifically on abortion, he says that King would be fighting against Planned Parenthood to stop “black genocide.” Read more

Robertson: Gay Men Cut Each Other to Transmit HIV

Pat Robertson delivered another one of his bizarre, fact-free diatribes in response to a reader question, this one so embarrassing that they edited it out of the show when they posted it online. This time he claimed that gay men wear sharp rings to deliberately cut one another in order to transmit HIV. Read more

Booker Proposes Criminal Justice Reform

I’m not a big fan of Cory Booker, but I’ll be thrilled if, when he is inevitably elected to the Senate, he follows through on a promise to make criminal justice reform his primary focus. James Webb tried that and got nowhere and no one has tried since he left the Senate. Here’s what Booker proposes: Read more

Sorry About the Comment Glitch

All the comments that went to moderation for the last few hours have been sent through. We had a glitch on the backend that sent everything to moderation for a while, but it should be fixed now.