Sorry About the Comment Glitch

All the comments that went to moderation for the last few hours have been sent through. We had a glitch on the backend that sent everything to moderation for a while, but it should be fixed now.

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  1. John Horstman:

    And here I thought it was me (which would be entirely reasonable, IMO).

  2. colnago80:

    Glad it was a glitch. For a while, I thought I was sentenced to join DW on the shit list.

  3. Ace of Sevens:

    I thought everyone had banned me.

  4. Modusoperandi:

    I had a glitch on the backend once. Awful, awful mess. Plus, the circus fired me. I still can’t look at my stilts without tearing up.

  5. Trebuchet:

    Clearly I picked the right few hours to be offline!

  6. democommie:

    I thought it was karmic. I spent 3 hours “ohmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmming” and, lo and heave-ho, it was back on!

  7. shripathikamath:

    That’s OK, I took my business elsewhere.

  8. democommie:

    When I last checked I still had several comments listed as, “in moderation”. They are piffle, mere bagatelles of my acerbigeniusosityness and they are already archived in my roomy head.

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